Can't install 12.04 off disc in 2 PCs

Asked by Carl Haddon on 2012-06-15

Hi Everybody,
I have two laptop PCs and neither one will boot from CD.
Here is the background: I have old laptop with Sempron processor and 512MB RAM that I installed GNewSense on but now I have changed my mind and want Ubuntu. Installed fine that time with BIOS set to boot off CD drive first.

What I have done so far:
downloaded ubuntu 12.04, made a CD
tried the CD on old laptop, it gets stuck on white screen and the drive keeps making noise
made another CD and tried to boot again and same result
Tried to install in new laptop with Windows 7 and altered BIOS to boot first off CD, still no success
downloaded ubuntu again and this time to DVD because file size is 701MB
Both laptops still get stuck on white screen

I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have done this OK before with gNewsense. I really want to use Ubuntu because of its support and I can use google chrome and its support for flash

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Did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?
Did you burn the CD as slowly as possible?
Did you NOT use the Windows CD burner to create the CD?

Carl Haddon (haddoc1) said : #2

I had not checked MD5. I used the winmd5sum and found the checksums match. I had been using windows CD burner, so I used infrarecorder on lowest speed. Tried it and its still stick at a white screen.

Thanks for reply. I hadn't heard of md5.

Any other ideas?

Carl Haddon (haddoc1) said : #3

I have it working now. I think I wasn't patient enough. I left the disc in for 1/2 hour and then the install screen showed. Probably was the problem all along. The gnewsense disc was a lot quicker to boot and it made me expect the same.

Thanks for your help. I'm very impressed with the support I get from Ubuntu community.