How to recover space on failed ubuntu 12.04 install

Asked by Joe on 2012-04-29

Hi i tired to install 12.04 on my desktop for some reason its only choosing my N drive to install it. I choosed to install it on my biggest drive witch is my N drive. Well big problem the install failed. So i repaired my windows 7 to get into windows again. I deleted the linux part of my drive well it was fine. So i gave it another go to install 12.04 well now it failed again but this time i cannot recover any space on my n drive it used every space on N but i cannot even see the linux part of the drive. I cannot my n drive its 2tb drive. I tried everything i could think of to get my space back it went from 70gbs in minutes to 1.45gb left. Any help would be great cause i need my space back for stuff. I don't know what to do.

Is there anyway i can get it back without messing up the drive on windows 7? I also have live cd if that helps not sure what to do with it.

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Joe (sabresfan4339) said : #1

I ran the cd again to see what the cd saids about the drive. It said 77gbs thats what N is suppose to have before linux failed on it. Is it withholding some space or something?

Barry Drake (b-drake) said : #2

I think we need a bit more information about what you actually did. The best and normal procedure is to boot from the live-CD. If you did this, then boot from it again and see what partitions you have created on your hard-drive. Linux does not use drive letters so terms like 'N' drive don't mean a lot when you are in the Ubuntu envirenment.

The other thing you might have done is to insert the live-CD while you were running Windows. This process allows you to create a pseudo filesystem within Windows and run Ubuntu in this pseudo filesystem with a dual boot setup. Doing this will have messed up your Windows boot sector as it is seen by Windows, so if you then delete the Ubuntu stuff from within Windows, you stand a good chance of messing up the boot process altogether. I expect Windows has a means of repairing this from the Windows install CD. If you can get into Windows, use the Windows disk tools to look at the partitions. You may find you have a partition that Windows says is unformatted. If thhis is the case, that is your Linux partition that Windows does not understand.

I'm sorry it's getting so complex - please try and go into a lot more detail about exactly what you are doing and what you are seeing.

Barry Drake (b-drake) said : #3

Also - please let us know exactly what you are seeing during the boot process. Do you get a text screen that asks whether you want to boot into Windows or Ubuntu, or do you boot straight into Windows?

Joe (sabresfan4339) said : #4

ok heres the steps of what i did.
1. i booted into the cd and i selected install ubuntu
2. i choosed installed install ubuntu when it goes to the screen for two options try ubuntu or install ubuntu i choosed install.
3. when i choose install linux the only hard drive its auto selecting is my n drive its not letting me choose other drives like c drive that windows is on.

I do get the screen when linux installs like 11.04 or 11.10 fresh from the cd. But if the linux ubuntu setups fails nothing happens it lets me boot into windows just fine. But first time the setup of failed trying to install 12.04 final lts. It failed but i was able to recover the space it took. Now the second time it failed. Windows ain't seeing a drive part of linux on N. When it first failed heres the steps i did.

1. bopoted into windows. I then deleted the drive in disk manager then i rebooted
2. i repaired the mbr using my windows 7 cd just fine. Got into windows after that.
since linux is gone i still cannot see that space since it kept failing. In windows it did took 36gbs witch i deleted. This time i cannot reocover any space since i tried to install linux 12.04 for like 2 or 3 times.

Now if i put any cds in a linux to install it still auto selects my n drive not the others. Buts showing the exact space I had on N before linux was on it. But in windows its showing i got 1.45gbs left and the space i cannot find out nor see whats taking it not even in disk manager i checked.

Joe (sabresfan4339) said : #5

Also 11.04 install just fine. But i like to do fresh installs of os even if its linux so i fully remove linux old version first then i installed the newest one. But 11.04 installed fine when 12.04 failed after i deleted the old linux partition. Forgot to say 12.04 kept asking to resize my n drive for linux part but nothing happens it just sits there for hours and nothing happened. 11.04 asked but did it so fast.

Joe (sabresfan4339) said : #6

Ok i just tried to installed 11.04 to see if it installs again fine but i got this error saying parted can't reize partitions manged by windows dynamic disk. inside linux options choosed alongside windows.

Joe (sabresfan4339) said : #7

Ok new information i rebooted back to windows n is showing my missing space. But new question why does 12.04 fail on my desktop not my laptop. It installed just fine.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #8

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