repair or reinstall ubuntu 11.10

Asked by Przemek on 2012-02-17

after update to 11,10 my computer start to be very slow so i start clean unused programs and i cancel something and now i can't start (log in) to ubuntu (normal, 2D, any not working) it's "failed to load session".

i looking for option wich will keep all information exacly the e-mail in thunderbird.

I remember that in windows its posible but its posible in ubuntu?

Thank You for all help.

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por favor, tente reinstalar o unity( a sessão 2D se refere á interface unity), caso não for possivel, baixe o GNOME 3.2.1 que é disponivel nas listas de repositorio no Ubuntu 11.10

caso o problema persistir pode ser o sistema quebrado, então faça backup de seus dados e reinstale o ubuntu pelo Live CD/DVD ou outro formato que preferir.

Przemek (najmer) said : #2

that is simple but is posible to repair it wihout puting new installation or formating disk

Chris (fabricator4) said : #3

You can install without formatting simply by manually specifying the partitions but not clicking the 'format' option. This will re-install Ubuntu cleanly but you will need to re-install all applications that you have added since the original install.

All settings and data that are kept in /home will not be touched, so usually everything will be as it was before in that regard. I don't use thunderbird so am unable to give any specifics, but all the data files and settings should reside on /home as far as I know. (it wouldn't make sense to do it any other way). You might want to investigate this aspect before going, and backup all your important data (including thunderbird data) before you proceed.


Best Sam_ (and-sam) said : #4

> it's "failed to load session"

Repair attempt.
Please open tty (virtual console, text mode only): ctrl+alt+f1
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
sudo apt-get -f install
sudo dpkg-reconfigure ubuntu-desktop
sudo reboot

If above wasn't sufficient try:
sudo apt-get install gnome-session
sudo apt-get install lightdm
sudo apt-get install unity-greeter
sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

## The install commands will tell self-explanatory if it's already installed or not.

Just in case, the same can be done via recovery mode.
Press [Shift]-key right after boot to view boot menu, select recovery mode and select root shell (no need for 'sudo' there).

You could also view log file in either one of them in order to verify if essentials have been removed and install it again.
sudo nano /var/log/apt/history.log

Przemek (najmer) said : #5

Thank You Sam_

Przemek (najmer) said : #6

Thanks Sam_, that solved my question.