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Asked by Margaret Mackintosh on 2011-08-12


Not sure what is going on. I downloaded Fedora-15 and it went into my Download Folder(?) under Tools. I am not able to Open it or write it to disk. Any suggestions on how to get Fedora-15 to disk? When I tried to write to disk, it said it was not complete. But, I thought I had downloaded the full Fedora-15.

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This area is for questions about I suspect your question is about something other than Launchpad.

Where did you download "Fedora-15" from?

I just put a message/comment on Launchpad Answers to the affect that my problem has been solved with a upgrade to Ubuntu11.04. Was a comment to everyone to let them know my problem has been solved. Not a question at all if you read closely.

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> This area is for questions about I suspect your question
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> Where did you download "Fedora-15" from?
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@Margaret Mackintosh
If the problem you were trying to get help with in this question is now resolved, please mark this question as Solved. You can also mark as Solved.

I would like to thank everyone who answered my input. The problem is NOW SOLVED. I was able to download Ubuntu11.04 by using a Alternative Download. Downloading the BitTorrent package first. Then choosing the BitTorrent download of 'Ubuntu11.04-desktop-i386.iso', which is a 'torrent' download. Look on Ubuntu download page for the link 'Alternative Downloads'. By doing this the download was very fast as 'there was 58 of 60 peers' helping with the download. So the speed was over 1000 kbs... In a half hour +/-, I had the system downloaded. Then it was very simple to write it to a blank DVD. (My son who does computer programing told me to use a DVD, as it has more space then a CD). I really like the new Ubuntu11.04 OS. I had backed up our home folders (mine and husbands) onto a blank DVD, saving all my pictures, documents, etc..., as I thought I would lose them in the change over from Ubuntu10.04 LTS.... SURPRISE, SURPRISE - when I booted from the DVD and it got finished, all my stuff was there - pictures, documents, the whole shebang. I added and made Mozilla Thunderbird my default Mail Client. When I opened it to add all the information to create a account - EVERYTHING was there already. Contacts, server info, mail and everything else. So I did not really need a back up.

Best of all is that the problem I had with my screen freezing and turning gray is gone. This update has done away with that problem. I spent all day yesterday and several hours today online and not once did the screen freeze and turn gray. SO THAT PROBLEM IS SOLVED.


I'm glad your problems are solved. If you need further help with Ubuntu, please feel free to post questions at Please only post questions at if you are asking about Launchpad itself (this website), rather than Ubuntu. For example, if you are receiving emails from Launchpad that you don't want and you're having trouble figuring out how to disable them, you could ask about that at, whereas if you are having trouble using your email program in Ubuntu, you could ask about that at Questions that are posted in the wrong place can be moved to the right place, but they will tend to be answered faster and more easily if they are in the right place first. Posting a question in the wrong place is not a big problem, though, so please never hesitate to post a question on account of being unsure where to post it.

By the way, for the benefit of others reading this: All Ubuntu .iso images are available as bittorrent downloads as well as traditional HTTP downloads. ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso is a desktop CD image, which means that it will fit on a CD-R without problems (unless you have the old 650 MB CD's, which is unlikely). There is, however, one benefit of writing it to a DVD+/-R rather than a CD-R (besides that you might have DVD's available and not CD's): DVD's are faster than CD's, so Ubuntu will install faster (and run faster while you are running it from the disc, though not after it is installed).

Writing the image to a USB flash drive is faster than either a CD or a DVD (and USB flash drives are reusable, whereas most discs are not and a USB flash drive is rewritable more times than a CD-RW or DVD+/-RW). But writing an .iso image to a USB flash drive has the effect of erasing whatever data are already on it, and thus may not be a suitable alternative for everyone (even if everyone did have a USB flash drive).

Some information about different common types of user-writable optical media: (general info and list) (DVD+R) (DVD+RW)

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