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I have the disk to install Ubuntu. I am using it now on preview. I want to save my info before complete install , is this a back up disc? or something different? What is the best way to proceed? Please help, I got this far on my very limited understanding and would like to continue!
EXAMPLE; when i clicked the download for Ubuntu i had to do it twice because the first time I did not SAVE ,I let i go on OPEN!
Please be gentle

I am on a Toshiba Satellite
Windows 7
32 bit

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :

your message is confusing.

do you have a disk with ubuntu on it? or did you download it from the net to your hard drive?

what data are you trying to save? if it is work you did, like word processing file, you can save it anywhere on your hard drive. if you're trying to save it onto the disk that you have ubuntu on, it will not save there.

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souprebel (souprebel) said :

I got ub from the ub site. I burned it to a disk and this went ok. I want to install it on my hard drive but it will wipe it clean first (correct?).
So, how do I keep my stuff? Is it the same as making a back up disk? I want to save files ,pics ,multi-media.
I made a disk once but when I tried to access it it said no route available( or something like that).
Is that clearer?

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souprebel (souprebel) said :

Also, do I need a linux kernal as well as a ubuntu download?

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delance (olivier-delance) said :

If you want to backup data files, use Windows software to save to a DVD.
Check DVD after burning, as sometimes there are issues. And remember that life expectancy of DVD is (very) limited.
Else you can use a USB key or an external drive, which are more reliable.

Check all your backups before installing Ubuntu.

Do you want to run both Windows and Ubuntu ?
Are you very afraid of modifying system ? If you simply want to have a look at what is Ubuntu, there are riskless solutions such virtual machine or Ubuntu installed on a USB key (with persistence of data).

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souprebel (souprebel) said :

Thank you
I am afraid but want to lose the windows!
I downloaded the ubuntu from the for trial and install, is this what you mean? (the orange button)
I don't want windows just my file,pic,ect..
I am making a back up/system restore disk. I am hoping I can use this to pick and choose which files to replace when I install ubuntu.
Make sense?
I booted once already with ubuntu from the dvd and would like to make the switch

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :

you can do a dual boot.
during installation, just select "install alongside" existing operating system.
however, you'll need to defragment your hard drive first to allow enough space on the hard drive to install ubuntu and to avoid overwriting files that will render windoze unbootable.

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Best peter b (b1pete) said :

....'I don't want windows just my file,pic,ect..'......

then, STILL under windows (BEFORE ubuntu install) just copy the files that are dear to you ie. pictures, songs, etc to an USB pendrive/stick.

AFTER the above done to your satisfaction - satisfaction meaning while STILL under win, you must have NO problem READING and using the USB pendrive copies (as if you'd use them out of the existing HD).

THEN and only then install ubuntu to the HD - either using the entire disk or on partitions, as your hart desires. ubuntu at install time gives and allows you to choose how you wish to install it.

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souprebel (souprebel) said :

Thanks peter b, that solved my question.