how to download Magnet links?

Asked by akshay shah on 2011-09-13

I have tried adding magnet link to transmission. It just doesn't start at all. it had good no. of seeds and peers yet didn't start.
How to make these magnet links work in transmission?

I am giving the link that i tried to add "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a4f39c22ad7644bc253ba50f936ca8e2d52b242a&dn=Pirates+of+the+Carribean%3A+The+Curse+of+the+Black+Pearl%282003%29DVDR&"

it was supposed to be started as it did for torrent of the same file.

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akshay shah (axe-s86) said : #2

tried azeurus.... No better results.... heard magnet links are gonna be the next torrents.... if this's the way it's going then it would be much of pain to download anything from them..... Do magnet links work in ubuntu at all? cause i have seen people using them on windows with clients such as bittorrent, mutorrent etc.

svens (svens) said : #3

Just install Deluge and go to Settings (Options).
There is a button to associate magnet links to open up in Deluge (or deluge-gtk).

akshay shah (axe-s86) said : #4

I use Deluge for torrents. Have seen that button which says "associate magnet links" in options as well. But it seems that the button does not work. nothing happens even you click it. In firefox if we click on magnet link icon it prompts for the app to use with magnet links. i tried clicking 'deluge' there as well. But deluge didn't start where as Transmission started. Seems deluge does not support magnet links

Best svens (svens) said : #5

In this case:

1. Go to the page with the link
2. click the link and Firefox will ask how to proceed on. (Launch Application mini window)
3. Click 'Choose' on the Choose an Application tab
4. In the location bar type: "/usr/bin/deluge-gtk" and click ok.
5. Tick "Remember my choice for magnet links".
6. You can open the link now.

Have fun.

akshay shah (axe-s86) said : #6

Thanks svens, that solved my question.

Afifim (afifim) said : #7

svens - thank you very much. I followed this and I was able to change the settings in Deluge.
After doing so, I went and clicked on the magnet torrent I wanted and the browsers recognized Deluge so I clicked and told my browser to remember the setting. Very nice and on point answer.

Thank you