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Asked by trubl1 on 2010-08-25

I am getting an error message telling me that the "server is not responding" at all off the trackers that I use. What is wrong on my end? I noticed the problem shortly after loading Azureus/Vuze and while still using Transmission. I have since dumped Vuze and reforwarded to another port for Transmission. I have used several p/f checkers and they all tell me the port is open. Do the the trackers not recognize the new port? Does not make sense but that is the only thing I can think of. HHHEEELLLPP!

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Does your ISP not allow torrents? I suggest you test with the lucid 32bit ISO torrent. It has thousands of seeds :)

trubl1 (stephenbraggins) said : #2

ISP allows torrents....I have 5+ ratio at all but one tracker (my fault, too greedy w/ DLs). I am not familiar w/ lucid 32bit ISO torrent. How do I access?

ratio means absolutely nothing. If ratio gets you off. Grab a torrent for a BIG block of SNES ROMS. Only download ONE ROM from it then leave the torrent open. Your ratio will be in the thousands overnight. I don't getwhy people get SO excited about ratio. It's complete nonsense.

Try downloading this:

If you REALLY want to take the piss, find a stupidly healthy torrent with a 1Kb README file, pull that down and I guarantee your ratio will be in the millions overnight.

trubl1 (stephenbraggins) said : #6

That is how I have that ratio. Simply did it because I started w/ torrents 3 days ago, wanted to not be banned from trackers that I liked. Link did not work, error mssg "server did not respond" , tried new tab, browser and copy paste.

Do you use a proxy for web access?

trubl1 (stephenbraggins) said : #8

Ahhh man, now I feel silly! I just set up wifeys puter as server on network. Can I get around this or do I need to take network? Dont really care about having it just wanted to access printer, her system is tooooo slow though. Is it quicker to take down network or reroute somehow? I do not know how to reroute.

Try telling the torrent app to use one of the man public proxies, it may help

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