dvd supper slow using totem it seem to be the only one to even read and disc

Asked by Gil LaChepelle

dvd movie supper slow using totem but its the only one that even trys to read the dvd. I've down loaded all the updates and tryed all the different command lines the i have found. I'm new to linux so i might be just doing some thing wrong.

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Kevin Hunter
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Kevin Hunter (hunteke) said :

I've had similar hit-or-miss experiences with Totem. I find that I like Totem more for viewing movies and clips that I have on my harddrive (i.e. MPEGs, AVIs, OGGs, OGVs, etc.).

I don't know how to fix Totem's DVD behavior, but may I suggest VLC player? The user interface could use just a smidgen of work, but it's a high quality media player. Install the 'vlc' package via Synaptic (System→Administration→Synaptic Package Manager).

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Gil LaChepelle (lgcasa) said :

Thank you for your help but i'm sorry to say it quit working also. I down loaded VLC player and your right you do have to do some extra steps and it would not play the movie down loads to a device. the Totem seems to need some plugins like direct X for windows media play. I did find a few plugins not sure what i'm looking for. so if anybody knows.

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Best Kevin Hunter (hunteke) said :

Hmm, I don't watch DVDs on my machine so I can't answer for sure. Another site to check out is medibuntu:


Basically, you may need to install some packages that can't be included in the core Ubuntu install for legislative reasons. Medibuntu is a response to that.

If that doesn't work, you might try this workaround: I often use VLC to rip DVDs to my hard drive; I don't like the sound, or the constant spinning up and down of the drive, so I rip it once and then watch the movie later. (It also means that my battery lasts longer when I'm on the train or in the air.) It's not a perfect solution to the question asked, but it may be a solution for you.

If those don't work for you, I'm out of ideas. Someone else?

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Gil LaChepelle (lgcasa) said :

Kevin thank you very much for your help. I found what the problems were. I had install Ubuntu on 2 different computers a desk top that i made and a Dell Inspiron B120 ( once i get it to run my windows base engine diagnostice and mangement programs I'll install it on my third Dell laptop ). On both computers once I down loaded all the Totem's and went back into the how to's at the home page and down loaded the segested files then run the cammand line to read the coded movies. Totem xine ran the movie perfect on the lap top. It will play good on the desktop as long as i don't go full screen. but i found that problem to be that it does not see the monitor properly. its an old monitor so the driver are out of date. Oh. the VLC my daughter was able to fix that but she did not tell me how.