Where's Grilo plugin in Totem?

Asked by Juan A. Suárez Romero on 2013-01-23

Totem in Ubuntu Raring doesn't seem to include Grilo plugin, that allows to play content from several places.

But seems the same version in Debian (Experimental) is including the plugin.

Is there any reason while Totem in Raring doesn't contains Grilo plugin? I checked the Totem plugins package, and it isn't neither there.


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You will see bugs and feature holes up to and even a few weeks after release. If you need a working OS then I suggest you reinstall with Precise or Quantal. If you are happy to stomach the shortcomings of pre-releases and are happy to report bugs to get Raring ready for release in April then by all means use Raring.

What did you expect? Raring isn't ready!

My question is more in the line to know if Totem will include or not that plugin, and also if there is a reason why it is not provided at this moment, as other plugins, specially when the original package from Debian seems to include it.

The package is still under development so things will be missing. I suggest you run:

ubuntu-bug totem

To report the issue

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.