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Asked by chrysoberyl on 2010-05-05


Where can I get a list of *all* keyboard shortcuts for Totem 2.30.0
I couldn't find anything about that on the web.

As an added bonus, if someone can tell me if those shortcut key can be changed and how, it would be nice.

Thanks a lot

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Sam_ (and-sam) said : #1

Shortcut keys can be changed system wide in
system preferences -> keyboard shortcuts

For Totem only I guess it's wishlist for feedback page.

wojox (wojox) said : #2

Hey chrysoberyl

Here's a list of keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts differ from keyboard to keyboard. I have an Internet keyboard with the preinstalled shortcuts assigned to the shortcut buttons. If I want to change those I go into System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and look at the first section sound.

chrysoberyl (lnxme1) said : #3

Thanks Sam and wojox for your answers.
The keyboard shortcuts utility in Preferences doesn't seems to be of any help. The sound settings seem to apply to special keys on multimedia keyboards. That's fine, I use some of them, works great.

I might not have asked my question properly.
I am asking about Totem specific keyboard shortcuts such as zoom in (Ctrl+r) zoom ou (Ctrl+t), aspect ratio (a) and so forth. And actually those are quite well documented in the link Sam gave me. Although a table for all those shortcuts would be a plus.

Now, I am still asking because it seems there is at least one undocumented keyboard shortcut, so maybe there are more ?
I am talking about the "," key which pause the video but for some reasons can't unpause it .. or did I just find a bug ?
So I still need your insight on this issue.

wojox (wojox) said : #4

Ctrl+Space is what I can also use to Play/Pause a video. That's the default here anyway. Have you tried pressing the "," again to play?

chrysoberyl (lnxme1) said : #5

Yes, I did.

- On some videos pressing "," again doesn't resume playback. The playback can be resumed with a Ctrl+Space or Space key press.

- On some other videos, pressing "," again plays the previous video frame then pause again. If I press "," again the previous frame will play and so forth. If "," is pressed and not released the video will play backward at normal speed but without sound for a few seconds then pause.

- Sometimes pressing "," again will just freeze Totem completely (video and sound stopping, Totem window becomes grey, buttons clics and menu clic becomes unresponsive) and only solution out is to force quit totem.

chrysoberyl (lnxme1) said : #7

Ok, thank you for the link.
I give up on the "," key and will fill a bug for it.

chrysoberyl (lnxme1) said : #8

Thanks Sam, that solved my question.