torchat uninstall and logrotate issues

Asked by LinuxETC on 2012-12-25

System: Ubuntu 12.04.1 (64-bit)

While trying out a few methods of Tor and IM, I came across "torchat" in which I installed it. After playing around with it some, I also removed it via "aptitude remove torchat" accordingly. However, I am noticing that anacron is returning entries where it is still trying to find the "debian-tor" user made during the installation such as the following:

error: tor:8 unknown user 'debian-tor'
error: found error in /var/log/tor/*log , skipping


find: `debian-tor' is not the name of a known user
run-parts: /etc/cron.weekly/tor exited with return code 1

What I am suspecting is that during the removal process the logrotate entries were not removed accordingly without touching the actual log files.

Thoughts and feedback on the best approach to this is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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Did you add the user to the system yourself?

No. This user ("debian-tor") was added during the installation process directly or by one of the dependencies.

What is the output of:

sudo groups debian-tor


sudo groups debian-tor
groups: debian-tor: No such user

From what I have put together, the "debian-tor" user was removed properly and as expected from the system. However, the logrotate configurations associated with using Tor under the "debian-tor" user were not updated properly to reflect the removal of this user accordingly as noted in my initial post.

For reference, this would be the only application using Tor and "debian-tor" user on this particular system.

Then you need to make the user....


As part of removing torchat, I would like this and all of the modifications made during the installation removed and reverted accordingly. In other words, yes, I am trying to "purge" torchat and any of the modifications made, yet there is still what was done to logrotate remaining unfortunately.

Otherwise, yes. Adding the user "debian-tor" would solve this for someone still wanting this user on the system.

Bernd Kreuss (prof7bit) said : #7

torchat has tor as a dependency, so if you install torchat it will also install tor, if you uninstall it (with --purge autoremove) it should then also uninstall all now unneeded dependencies, including tor. TorChat itself does not add users or change any other configurations of the system, TorChat itself is essentially just a few scripts (Python and sh) and a start menu entry to be executed by the user, it does not contain any additional users, services or similar things installed to the system.

Anything related to the debian-tor user that is left behind after uninstalling tor would be the fault of the tor package, not torchat.

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