Oneiric 11.10 beta unstable: tomboy won't sync with Ubuntu One

Asked by Matt Deaton on 2011-09-14

I did a fresh install of the 11.10 Beta, and haven't been able to get Tomboy Notes to sync with my U1 account. My other PC's running 10.04 -11.04 are syncing fine.

Sync fails because it says the New note Template already exists. I did find bugs similar to this but the suggestions like deleting ~/.config/Tomboy/manifest.xml didn't work for me. I have also purged Tomboy and reinstalled it with the same problem.

Is anyone else having this problem, or is there something I can do to correct it?

When I try to sync with U1 this is what I get in the debug log.

 Running Mono with --debug **
[DEBUG 07:35:04.704] NoteManager created with note path "/home/mdeaton/.local/share/tomboy".
[INFO 07:35:05.254] Initializing Mono.Addins
[DEBUG 07:35:05.393] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:05.394] Name: Tomboy.Tomboy,0.10
[DEBUG 07:35:05.394] Description:
[DEBUG 07:35:05.394] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:05.395] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:05.395] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/Tomboy.exe
[DEBUG 07:35:06.748] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.ExportToHtmlAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:06.749] Name: Export to HTML
[DEBUG 07:35:06.749] Description: Exports individual notes to HTML.
[DEBUG 07:35:06.749] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:06.749] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:06.749] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/ExportToHtml.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:06.756] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.FileSystemSyncServiceAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:06.756] Name: Local Directory Sync Service Add-in
[DEBUG 07:35:06.756] Description: Synchronize Tomboy Notes to a local file system path
[DEBUG 07:35:06.756] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:06.756] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:06.756] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/FileSystemSyncService.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:06.758] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.WebSyncServiceAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:06.758] Name: Web Sync Service Add-in
[DEBUG 07:35:06.758] Description: Synchronize Tomboy Notes with Tomboy Online and other compatible web services
[DEBUG 07:35:06.758] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:06.758] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:06.759] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/WebSyncServiceAddin.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:06.761] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.WebDavSyncServiceAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:06.761] Name: WebDav Sync Service Add-in
[DEBUG 07:35:06.761] Description: Synchronize Tomboy Notes to a WebDav URL
[DEBUG 07:35:06.761] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:06.761] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:06.762] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/WebDavSyncService.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:06.766] Unable to locate 'gnomesu' in your PATH
[DEBUG 07:35:06.766] Using '/usr/bin/gksu' as GUI 'su' tool
[DEBUG 07:35:06.766] Successfully found all system tools
[DEBUG 07:35:06.766] Unable to locate 'wdfs' in your PATH
[DEBUG 07:35:06.770] Loading notes
[DEBUG 07:35:07.106] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.FixedWidthAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:07.106] Name: Fixed Width
[DEBUG 07:35:07.107] Description: Adds fixed-width font style.
[DEBUG 07:35:07.107] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:07.107] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:07.107] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/FixedWidth.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:07.109] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.StickyNoteImportAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:07.110] Name: Sticky Notes Importer
[DEBUG 07:35:07.110] Description: Import your notes from the Sticky Notes applet.
[DEBUG 07:35:07.110] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:07.110] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:07.110] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/StickyNoteImport.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:07.112] StickyNoteImporter: Sticky Notes XML file does not exist or is invalid!
[DEBUG 07:35:07.112] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.PrintNotesAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:07.112] Name: Printing Support
[DEBUG 07:35:07.112] Description: Allows you to print a note.
[DEBUG 07:35:07.112] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:07.113] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:07.113] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/PrintNotes.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:07.114] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.EvolutionAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:07.114] Name: Evolution Mail Integration
[DEBUG 07:35:07.114] Description: Allows you to drag an email from Evolution into a Tomboy note. The message subject is added as a link in the note with an envelope icon next to it.
[DEBUG 07:35:07.114] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:07.114] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:07.115] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/Evolution.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:07.119] AddinManager.OnAddinLoaded: Tomboy.BacklinksAddin
[DEBUG 07:35:07.119] Name: Backlinks
[DEBUG 07:35:07.119] Description: See which notes link to the one you're currently viewing.
[DEBUG 07:35:07.120] Namespace: Tomboy
[DEBUG 07:35:07.120] Enabled: True
[DEBUG 07:35:07.120] File: /usr/lib/tomboy/addins/Backlinks.dll
[DEBUG 07:35:07.215] Unable to locate 'wdfs' in your PATH
[DEBUG 07:35:07.225] Autosync pref changed...restarting sync timer
[DEBUG 07:35:07.288] Tomboy remote control active.
[DEBUG 07:35:08.991] SyncThread using SyncServiceAddin: Tomboy Web
[DEBUG 07:35:09.026] Building web request for URL:
[DEBUG 07:35:11.443] Building web request for URL:
[DEBUG 07:35:11.912] 8
[DEBUG 07:35:11.915] Sync: GetNoteUpdatesSince rev -1
[DEBUG 07:35:11.918] Building web request for URL:
[DEBUG 07:35:12.469] Sync: 29 updates since rev -1
[DEBUG 07:35:12.505] SyncManager: Deleting auto-generated note: New Note Template
[DEBUG 07:35:12.515] Removing tag from New Note Template: system:template
[DEBUG 07:35:12.520] Watchers.OnTagRemoved popularity count: 0
[DEBUG 07:35:12.524] Deleting note 'New Note Template'.
[DEBUG 07:35:12.562] Creating Buffer for 'New Note Template'...
[DEBUG 07:35:12.612] Tag added to New Note Template: system:template
[DEBUG 07:35:12.628] Loading notebooks
[ERROR 07:35:12.661] Synchronization failed with the following exception: A note with this title already exists: New Note Template
  at Tomboy.NoteManager.CreateNewNote (System.String title, System.String xml_content, System.String guid) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at Tomboy.NoteManager.CreateNoteFromTemplate (System.String title, Tomboy.Note template_note, System.String guid) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at Tomboy.NoteManager.CreateNewNote (System.String title, System.String guid) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at Tomboy.NoteManager.CreateWithGuid (System.String title, System.String guid) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at Tomboy.Sync.SyncManager+<CreateNoteInMainThread>c__AnonStorey11.<>m__3F () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at Tomboy.GuiUtils+<GtkInvokeAndWait>c__AnonStoreyC.<>m__2F (System.Object , System.EventArgs ) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
[DEBUG 07:35:16.638] Saving 'New Note Template'...

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I think that you have to comment on the bug report related at this question.

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same problem

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