I've lost my "Start Here" Note

Asked by Jurel on 2010-11-17

I've lost my "Start Here" Note accidentally, and now I can't use the shortcut to open "Start Here", witch I used to open Tomboy, and link to my main notes.

is there any way to bring it back? or to create a new "start here"? or to converting a note in the "start here" note?

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David Jones (dj) said : #1

open tomboy create a note named Start Here. In put the links to your other notes or simply use tomboy display which should display all of your notes.

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Jurel (cristobalatria) said : #2

I've tried creating a note named "Start Here". Even so, this note isn't the main "Start Here" note, it's just a note called Start Here, and i can't use the hotkey to Open "Start Here"

You need to open gconf-editor and set /apps/tomboy/start_note to the URI to your new Start Here note. If the note's file name is blah.note, then the URI is note://tomboy/blah .

If you want to recover your old Start Here note, look at the value already set in gconf. If there isn't a .note file matching that in your tomboy note directory (~/.local/share/tomboy in latest releases), then it might have been deleted. Fortunately, deleted notes are simply moved to ~/.local/share/tomboy/Backup . If you quit Tomboy, move the note from Backup into the main note directory, and start Tomboy again, you should have your old Start Here note back.

In the future, I recommend asking Tomboy questions on tomboy-list or in #tomboy on irc.gnome.org. Questions asked here don't always show up in my Google Alerts.

Jurel (cristobalatria) said : #4

Thanks Sandy Armstrong, that solved my question.

Jurel (cristobalatria) said : #5

Hi there :)

Does anyone knows how to solve this same issue with tomboy on Windows 7?

Thank you a lot!

On Windows 7, instead of using GConf, you just find the same preference in Tomboy's prefs.xml file. You should be able to find it at %APPDATA%\Tomboy\config\prefs.xml . Only edit this file when Tomboy is not running.

Jurel (cristobalatria) said : #7

Thanks Sandy Armstrong, that solved my question.

Jurel (cristobalatria) said : #8

It worked!