Recovering deleted folders

Asked by Nash Thakker on 2008-05-04

I have deleted a folder on my PC and I want to recover .

My PC has two hard drives. The first hard drive is where I keep my operating system and work files. When I delete files from this drive, the deleted files are stored in the "Deleted Item Folder" and I able to recover them.

The second drive is small (only 6GB) and I use it to store important files such as OpenOffice files, letters and important spreadsheets. When I delete files from this drive, I am warned that the files will be permanently deleted.

Today I was deleting unwanted directories on this drive and I accidentally deleted one folder which I desperatly want back.

For precautions purpose, I have not used this drive since since deleting the folder. I now need to know how I can recover the folder.

Please note I am not an expert in computer terminology. If you respond, please speak in the languege of the people.

Nash Thakker

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Kevin_b_er (ktbvz2) said : #1

What format is the second drive?

ext2, ext3, FAT32, reiserfs, xfs, NTFS

Nash Thakker (nash-sonia) said : #2

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for responding to my request for help.
With regards to your question, I am not familiar with ´╗┐ext2, ext3, FAT32, reiserfs, xfs or NTFS terms and what they really mean - sorry for the ignorance here.
However, this may help. Before someone installed Linux on this PC, both internal drives were formatted as FAT32. Could it be Linus kept the same FAT32 format windowes had used? I really do not know.

Can you still help? I am really desperate for those files.
Best regards
Nash Thakker

Kevin_b_er (ktbvz2) said : #3

I'm sorry about this. I missed your reply and always thought the question was stuck at my own reply.

You may have also already figured this out, but I wanted to write in here anyways.

The good news is that the files are probably recoverable. The bad news is that most of the applications are only for Windows.

fsck.vfat can recover the files, but it's terminal-only and isn't the most user friendly tool in the box. If you still want to look into this, I can try to lead you through it, but you may have better luck asking another question on how to use fsck.vfat.

egzon.zeneli (xuxa69) said : #4

hi kevin

I also have this problem ... i delete a folder with some e-books in pdf :S:S there are a lot of books there and a hard drive partion where i store my documents is in FAT32 cuz when i go with XP to have there also.

Please try testdisk:

Hope this helps

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