Sync Multiple Evolution Calendars (Caldav)

Asked by Khurshid Alam

I am using Syncevolution on Ubuntu 11.10.I was trying to sync multiple local evolution calendars(say Cal1 & Cal2) with Google calendars(Cal1 & Cal2) using caldav.
First I created target config:

syncevolution --configure --template Google_Calendar
syncURL=https://<email address hidden>/ <email address hidden> password=****** target-config@Cal1

Then the source config:

syncevolution --configure --template SyncEvolution_Client syncURL=local://@Cal1 username= password= Cal1 calendar

At this point it syncs perfectly with the default calendar. Yes i can change the database under ~./config/syncevolution/default/sources/calendar/config.ini to "database= Cal"1 to sync with desired calendar.But i wanted to create a new source under same configuration. Hence I did this:

syncevolution --configure --source-property evolutionsource=Cal1 --source-property "type=Evolution Calendar" --source-property Cal1 Calendar1

Now when i run "syncevolution --sync slow Cal1", it gives me a error: " Cal1/Cal1 Source Calendar was not configured".

So How can I add additional sources under same configuration ? Any Help?

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Khurshid Alam (khurshid-alam) said :

Ok I got it. I , first need to create the new source(calendar1) to default.
syncevolution --configure --source-property evolutionsource=cal1 --source-property "type=Evolution Calendar" @default calendar1

syncevolution --configure --source-property evolutionsource=Cal1 --source-property "type=Evolution Calendar" --source-property Cal1 Calendar1

Now disable the default calendar under ~./config/syncevolution/default/peers/cal1/sources/calendar by setting "sync= disabled"
& enable calendar uri under ~./config/syncevolution/default/peers/cal1/sources/calendar1 by setting "uri= calendar"

Now it sync perfectly!

Here the name of evolution calendar is: cal1
name of the source is : calendar1
& the name of the config is also cal1.