update manager, and it i have a few installation problems re synaptic update manager, and it suggests e;dpkg -

Asked by libby on 2008-03-23

susynaptic update manager, and it suggests e;dpkg -configure -a- run it

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Sudo command is used for super user access in ubuntu

Type the following command in a terminal:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

and press enter key

(you wont get any output if there are no errors, if there are errors you ll get output)


Bhavani Shankar.

libby (lizmacli) said : #2

synaptic wont run properly it will up date new things in there but wont accept my updates although im not positive about updating with this system, i have up dated before but maybe not properly as the repositries im not sure about,
E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.
first thing that comes up is

libby (lizmacli) said : #3

thankyou for your help i will try it now

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sorry its taken a while to write back and thankyou all but i still cannot seem to do that it doesnt do anything when i type it in for i do not know what to do after i type it in im very new at this do i click on terminal or

To correct this problem just open Terminal (Applications → Accesories → Terminal) and type "sudo dpkg --configure -a" (without quotation marks) and hit "enter". Then write your password (the passwords won't show up as you type them but they are being entered..) and enter...

libby (lizmacli) said : #7

thankyou i did that i havent noticed much of a change but without knowing exaxctly what that is suppossed to do i was able to download some more things from synaptic, but now i cant get it to dowload more .

my system keeps on asking me about thesudo configure a same thing, i know im not using it correctly because when my firefox system starts the only way i have got it to work, is im using the terminal to get firefox started, i realize i have it confgured wrong.

as i only have started to be able to actually suss the system out and am finally getting other usb things to work,

can someone tell me in a list what im supossed to have marked in my system to begin, using it i did speak with a person from linux,and they told me what i was supossed to have ticked off, to use properly and as i didnt click on everything as i was supossed to on my system i feel it is not working as i have ubuntu dapper-drake twice and another 1 twice as well but to remove it im a little weary, could yoyu make some suggestions please.

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