Updated from 11.10 to 12.04 on two computers. Synaptic crashes.

Asked by Per Ingulf Lillevold on 2012-05-09

Synaptic crashes (both computers, one desktop and one Asus Netbook: 1005H) and ubuntu sends error report, apt-get works just fine. When trying to start synaptic from command-line, it says memory segment fault, core dumped. Rebooting will not do any difference. Update Manager works just fine, so do Ubuntu Software center.

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Per Ingulf Lillevold
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Daniel Cheung (daniel-2345) said :

did you update synaptics

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

Leave Synaptic GUI closed and work from terminal only:
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get -f install

In case:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure synaptic

If no errors occur test Synaptic again and click on reload.
Don't run more than one package management GUI at once.

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Per Ingulf Lillevold (per-lillevold) said :

Thank you for answering me!

But sorry, this series of apt-get commands has been tested two or three times, but when I then try to start synaptic (from dash home), it asks for authentication, and once the authentication is given, synaptic opens for a second or two, then closes.

sudo synaptic -h tells me it is: synaptic for Debian 0.75.9 is that right?

sudo synaptic --upgrade-mode opens the GUI window, but the window closes before I can see what happens.

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Please try:

sudo apt-get --purge --reinstall install synaptic

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Per Ingulf Lillevold (per-lillevold) said :


The above command-line is a powerful one, but it did not work. I have tried following ideas:

1) Run Ubuntu 12.04 from an bootable USB-stick. No synaptic there, and impossible to run the one I had on the harddisk.

2) Start Ubuntu with an earlier version of the kernel. Did not work either.

3) REMOVE MY SELECTED LANGUAGE: Norwegian Bokmaal, and run Ubuntu 12.04 in plain English (American). Wow!!!! That solved the problem, now synaptic will run in its graphical mode. But now I have learned so much about apt-get that I would prefer using it directly, instead of via the graphical interface. Thank you!

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

> But now I have learned so much about apt-get that I would prefer using it directly

Great to hear. CLI is a handy tool and will always be, no matter how times are changing.

Same output here.
~$ synaptic -h
synaptic for Debian 0.75.9

Synaptic isn't in main anymore since 11.10, the focus lays on software-center.
Anyway I'd say the conflict with locales is worth a bug report.

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Per Ingulf Lillevold (per-lillevold) said :

I can confirm my experience with conflict with locales, when I entered my main desktop computer this afternoon. First I tried to complete one part of language configuration that was not completed at install (upgrade) time. That was not enough. Then I directed English (US) to first position in language selection, without deleting Norwegian bokmaal (on the other computer I unistalled Norwegian bokmaal). After rebooting, there were no longer a conflict, synaptic started as it should.

I can understand the focus on software-center, as it is an easier tool for everyone, it concentrates on the software package, as synaptic is a bit overwhelming in showing specific elements of the packages.

I will continue working in English (US), it gives me a feeling of working on the same level as my son, at RealNetworks, far, far away in Seattle. Thank you for taking the time to answer me!