synaptic package manager now doesn't start

Asked by Richard Wilmot

Not liking unity or the 'classic' alternative, I installed the kubuntu desktop from synaptic. After playing around with it, I liked that even less, so rebooted back into classic. Now synaptic won't start. It displays the authentication screen, accepts my password (normal complaint if I put in a wrong one), screen closes and then nothing. Software centre seems to work OK. Ideas please.

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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

Do this:
1. Open a terminal by hitting CTRL + ALT + T
2. Insert and run this commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo synaptic

3. Copy and paste here all the output.

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Richard Wilmot (richardglobal) said :

Output from 1st command:
Ign oneiric InRelease
Ign oneiric-security InRelease
Ign oneiric InRelease
Ign oneiric InRelease
Ign oneiric-updates InRelease
Get:1 oneiric Release.gpg [72 B]
Hit oneiric-security Release.gpg
Hit oneiric Release.gpg
Ign stable InRelease
Hit oneiric Release.gpg
Hit oneiric Release
Hit oneiric-updates Release.gpg
Hit oneiric Release
Hit oneiric-security Release
Hit oneiric Release
Hit oneiric-updates Release
Get:2 stable Release.gpg [198 B]
Hit oneiric/main Sources
Hit oneiric/partner Sources
Hit oneiric/main i386 Packages
Ign oneiric/main TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric-security/main Sources
Hit oneiric/partner i386 Packages
Ign oneiric/partner TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric/main Sources
Hit oneiric-security/restricted Sources
Hit oneiric-security/universe Sources
Hit oneiric-security/multiverse Sources
Hit oneiric-security/main i386 Packages
Hit oneiric-security/restricted i386 Packages
Hit oneiric/restricted Sources
Hit oneiric/universe Sources
Hit oneiric/multiverse Sources
Hit oneiric/main i386 Packages
Hit oneiric/restricted i386 Packages
Hit oneiric-security/universe i386 Packages
Hit oneiric-security/multiverse i386 Packages
Hit oneiric-security/main TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric-security/multiverse TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric-security/restricted TranslationIndex
Get:3 stable Release [1,338 B]
Hit oneiric/universe i386 Packages
Hit oneiric/multiverse i386 Packages
Hit oneiric/main TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric/multiverse TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric/restricted TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric-security/universe TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric/universe TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric-updates/main Sources
Hit oneiric-updates/restricted Sources
Hit oneiric-updates/universe Sources
Hit oneiric-updates/multiverse Sources
Hit oneiric-security/main Translation-en
Hit oneiric-security/multiverse Translation-en
Hit oneiric-updates/main i386 Packages
Hit oneiric-updates/restricted i386 Packages
Hit oneiric-updates/universe i386 Packages
Hit oneiric-updates/multiverse i386 Packages
Hit oneiric-updates/main TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric-security/restricted Translation-en
Hit oneiric-updates/multiverse TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric-updates/restricted TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric-updates/universe TranslationIndex
Hit oneiric/main Translation-en_GB
Hit oneiric/main Translation-en
Hit oneiric-security/universe Translation-en
Hit oneiric/multiverse Translation-en_GB
Hit oneiric/multiverse Translation-en
Hit oneiric/restricted Translation-en_GB
Hit oneiric/restricted Translation-en
Hit oneiric/universe Translation-en_GB
Hit oneiric/universe Translation-en
Hit oneiric-updates/main Translation-en
Hit oneiric-updates/multiverse Translation-en
Hit oneiric-updates/restricted Translation-en
Hit oneiric-updates/universe Translation-en
Ign oneiric/partner Translation-en_GB
Ign oneiric/main Translation-en_GB
Ign oneiric/partner Translation-en
Ign oneiric/main Translation-en
Get:4 stable/main i386 Packages [464 B]
Ign stable/main TranslationIndex
Ign stable/main Translation-en_GB
Ign stable/main Translation-en
Fetched 2,072 B in 9s (207 B/s)
Reading package lists... Done

2nd command started synaptic but it still won't run from the main menu.

Thanks for your help


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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

Please do this:
1. Open a terminal by hitting CTRL + ALT + T
2. Insert and run this commands:
cat /usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop
cat /usr/share/applications/synaptic-kde.desktop

3. Copy and paste here all the output.

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Richard Wilmot (richardglobal) said :

1st command:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Synaptic Package Manager
GenericName=Package Manager
Comment=Install, remove and upgrade software packages

2nd command:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Synaptic Package Manager
Name[ar]=مدير الحزم التشابكي
Name[be]=Кіраўнік пакетаў Synaptic
Name[be@latin]=Kiraŭnik pakunkaŭ Synaptic
Name[bg]=Мениджър на пакети (Synaptic)
Name[br]=Merour pakadoù Synaptic
Name[bs]=Upravnik paketa „Synaptic“
Name[ca]=Gestor de paquets Synaptic
Name[ca@valencia]=Gestor de paquets Synaptic
Name[cs]=Správce balíků Synaptic
Name[da]=Synaptic - pakkehåndtering
Name[el]=Διαχείριση πακέτων Synaptic
Name[es]=Gestor de Paquetes Synaptic
Name[et]=Synaptic paketihaldur
Name[eu]=Synaptic pakete-kudeatzailea
Name[fr]=Gestionnaire de paquets Synaptic
Name[gl]=Xestor de paquetes Synaptic
Name[he]=מנהל החבילות Synaptic
Name[hi]=सिनेप्टिक पैकेज प्रबन्धक
Name[hu]=Synaptic csomagkezelő
Name[ia]=Administrator de pacchettos Synaptic
Name[id]=Synaptic Manajer Paket
Name[it]=Gestore pacchetti
Name[ja]=Synaptic パッケージマネージャ
Name[ko]=시냅틱 패키지 관리자
Name[ku]=Rêveberê Pakêtan Synaptic
Name[lt]=Paketų tvarkyklė Synaptic
Name[mk]=Менаџер за пакети - Синаптик
Name[nb]=Synaptic pakkebehandler
Name[nl]=Synaptic pakketbeheer
Name[no]=Synaptic Pakkeadministrasjon
Name[pl]=Synaptic Menedżer Pakietów
Name[pt]=Gestor de Pacotes Synaptic
Name[pt_BR]=Gerenciador de pacotes Synaptic
Name[ro]=Administratorul de pachete Synaptic
Name[ru]=Менеджер пакетов Synaptic
Name[sk]=Správca balíkov Synaptic
Name[sl]=Upravljalnik paketov Synaptic
Name[sr]=Синаптик — управник пакета
Name[sr@Latn]=Upravnik paketa „Synaptic“
Name[sv]=Pakethanteraren Synaptic
Name[th]=เครื่องมือจัดการแพกเกจ Synaptic
Name[tr]=Synaptic Paket Yöneticisi
Name[uk]=Менеджер пакунків Synaptic
Name[xh]=UMlawuli woMqulu we-Synaptic
Name[zh_TW]=Synaptic 套件管理程式
GenericName=Package Manager
GenericName[ar]=مدير الحزم
GenericName[be]=Кіраўнік пакетамі
GenericName[be@latin]=Kiraŭnik pakunkaŭ
GenericName[bg]=Мениджър на пакети
GenericName[br]=Merour pakadoù
GenericName[bs]=Upravnik paketa
GenericName[ca]=Gestor de paquets
GenericName[ca@valencia]=Gestor de paquets
GenericName[cs]=Správce balíků
GenericName[el]=Διαχείριση πακέτων
GenericName[es]=Gestor de paquetes
GenericName[fr]=Gestionnaire de paquets
GenericName[gl]=Xestor de paquetes
GenericName[he]=מנהל חבילות
GenericName[hi]=पैकेज प्रबन्धक
GenericName[ia]=Administrator de pacchettos
GenericName[id]=Manajer Paket
GenericName[it]=Gestore pacchetti
GenericName[ko]=패키지 관리자
GenericName[ku]=Rêveberê Pakêtan
GenericName[lt]=Paketų tvarkyklė
GenericName[mk]=Менаџер за пакети
GenericName[pl]=Menedżer pakietów
GenericName[pt]=Gestor de Pacotes
GenericName[pt_BR]=Gerenciador de pacotes
GenericName[ro]=Administrator de pachete
GenericName[ru]=Менеджер пакетов
GenericName[sk]=Správca balíkov
GenericName[sl]=Upravljalnik paketov
GenericName[sr]=Управник пакета
GenericName[sr@Latn]=Upravnik paketa
GenericName[tr]=Paket Yöneticisi
GenericName[uk]=Менеджер пакунків
GenericName[xh]=UMlawuli woMqulu
Comment=Install, remove and upgrade software packages
Comment[ar]=ثبّت، أزل وحدّث حزم البرامج
Comment[be]=Усталёўвае, выдаляе і абнаўляе пакеты
Comment[be@latin]=Instaluj, vydalaj i aktualizuj prahramnyja pakunki
Comment[bg]=Инсталиране, премахване и актуализиране на софтуерни пакети
Comment[bn]=সফটওয়্যার প্যাকেজ ইনস্টল, অপসারণ এবং আপগ্রেড
Comment[br]=Staliañ, dilemel hag hizivaat meziantoù
Comment[bs]=Instaliraj, ukloni i nadogradi softverske pakete
Comment[ca]=Instal·la, elimina i actualitza paquets de programari
Comment[ca@valencia]=Instal·la, elimina i actualitza paquets de programari
Comment[cs]=Nainstalovat, odstranit a aktualizovat balíky
Comment[da]=Installér, fjern og opgradér softwarepakker
Comment[de]=Software-Pakete installieren, entfernen und aktualisieren
Comment[el]=Εγκατάσταση, απομάκρυνση και αναβάθμιση πακέτων λογισμικού
Comment[es]=Instalar, eliminar y actualizar los paquetes de software
Comment[et]=Paigalda, eemalda ja uuenda tarkvarapakette
Comment[eu]=Instalatu, kendu eta bertsio-berritu software-paketeak
Comment[fi]=Asenna, poista ja päivitä ohjelmistopaketteja
Comment[fr]=Installer, désinstaller et mettre à jour les paquets de logiciels
Comment[gl]=Instalar, retirar e anovar os paquetes de software
Comment[he]=התקנה, הסרה ושדרוג חבילות תכנה.
Comment[hi]=सॉफ्टवेयर पैकेजों की स्थापना, अद्यतन करें या उन्हें हटाएं.
Comment[hu]=Csomagok telepítése, törlése és frissítése
Comment[it]=Installa, rimuove e aggiorna i pacchetti software
Comment[ko]=소프트웨어 패키지를 설치, 지우기, 업그레이드
Comment[ku]=Pakêtên nivîsbariyê saz bike, jê bibe û bilindbike
Comment[lt]=Įdiekite, šalinkite ir atnaujinkite programų paketus
Comment[mk]=Инсталирајте, отстранете или надградете софтверски пакети
Comment[nb]=Installer, fjern eller oppgrader programpakker
Comment[nl]=Softwarepakketten installeren, verwijderen of bijwerken
Comment[no]=Installer, fjern eller oppgrader programvare pakker
Comment[pl]=Instalacja, usuwanie i aktualizacja pakietów z oprogramowaniem
Comment[pt]=Instalar, remover e actualizar pacotes
Comment[pt_BR]=Instalar, remover e atualizar pacotes de software
Comment[ro]=Instalează, dezinstalează şi actualizează pachete software
Comment[ru]=Установить, удалить и обновить пакеты
Comment[sk]=Inštalovať, odstrániť alebo aktualizovať softvérové balíky
Comment[sl]=Namestitev, odstranjevanje in nadgradnja programskih paketov
Comment[sr]=Инсталирајте, уклоните и надоградите пакете програма
Comment[sr@Latn]=Instaliraj, ukloni i nadogradi softverske pakete
Comment[sv]=Installera, ta bort och uppgradera programvarupaket
Comment[th]=ติดตั้ง ถอดถอน และปรับรุ่นแพกเกจซอฟต์แวร์
Comment[tr]=Paketleri kur, kaldır ya da yükselt
Comment[uk]=Встановлення, вилучення та оновлення пакунків програмного забезпечення
Comment[xh]=Faka, susa uze uphucule imiqulu yesoftware

Thanks again


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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

Uhm, just try to do this:
go to the folder

you will find two file with the icon of synaptic, just start both. Then please write here if one of the file have worked.

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Richard Wilmot (richardglobal) said :


One has the command 'synaptic' and opens synaptic without asking for a password. The other has the command 'synaptic-pkexec' and does the thing I've described - asks for a password and then nothing.

Many thanks for your help


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Best enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

Ok so do this:
1. Open a terminal
2. Insert and run this command:
cd /usr/share/applications
sudo cp synaptic.desktop synaptic.desktop.old
sudo cp synaptic-kde.desktop synaptic-kde.desktop.old
sudo gedit synaptic.desktop

NOW: change the line 'Exec=synaptic-pkexec' in:
Exec=gksu synaptic

Then save and close.

NOW in the terminal:
sudo gedit synaptic-kde.desktop

THEN change the line 'Exec=synaptic' in:
Exec=gksu synaptic

Save and close. Now all should works properly.

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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

Sorry I've forget that you use KDE, so you have to change the line




Exec=kdesu synaptic

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Richard Wilmot (richardglobal) said :

Thanks. I don't want kde and have gone back to gnome so do I just ignore your last post?


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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said :

Hmm, try to launch Synaptic, if it don't work follow the #7 message. If it works don't change anything and don't follow any message.

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Richard Wilmot (richardglobal) said :

Followed #6 message and it works. Many, many thanks.


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Richard Wilmot (richardglobal) said :

sorry, I meant #7 message

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Richard Wilmot (richardglobal) said :

Thanks Enrico "eNry" Carafa, that solved my question.

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Christopher (soft-kristal) said :

I'm having the same issue, but in Gnome, so I'm looking for instructions for that platform. Synanptic briefly launches, then quits without an error notification.

syndaemon is running, if thet has anything to do with it.

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Richard Wilmot (richardglobal) said :

I was using gnome so the above may work for you. I am now using Linux Mint, not Ubuntu (couldn't stand unity and the very much cut down 'classic' alternative!) so I can't help further.

Best of luck