No Subversion 1.5 for Heron???

Asked by jeffcityjon on 2008-06-30

I see that subversion 1.5 has been added to the package manager for Intrepid (8.10), but not for Heron (8.04). Is 1.5 in the works for Heron?

There is a bug that seems to be closed a couple days ago:


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Jensen Somers (jsomers) said : #1

Well, I doubt it will make it into Ubuntu 8.04. Most packages don't get updated so often when a release of Ubuntu is made so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
You can always open a whishlist bug or try to contact the Ubuntu maintainer of svn to see whether he is planning an update.

Wolfgang Glas (wglas) said : #2

I've just issued a backport build of 1.5.0dfsg1-4ubuntu2 for hardy in our PPA:

Fell free to test it, but be aware, that it's untested so far.


I added the intrepid repository to my software sources list:

System > Administration > Software Sources | Third-Party Software

+Add: intrepid main

Then I upgraded to subversion 1.5 via Synaptic Package Manager. It works for me, best of luck to you.

One other thing, I'd suggest upgrading ONLY subversion from the intrepid repos. Once it has installed you should uncheck it from the list in Third-Party Software.

Wolfgang Glas (wglas) said : #5

That's why I issued a backport build for subversion-1.5.0. You should bear in mind, that at some point int the release cycle intrepid might break binary compatibility with hardy and hence the interpid build of sibversion-1.5.0 will stop working.

ghostwriter78 (ghostwriter78) said : #6

Who decides that subversion updates (1.5 and later) wont make it into 8.04?
Hardy is a LTS Version and if nobody updates subversion you are excluding most of the LTS users which wont upgrade to Intrepid (ever).

Thanks, and please help us with updating hardy!

Squee-D (squeedee) said : #7

Take a look at .

It explains the Ubuntu packaging policy quite well I think. To provide LTS, I expect this policy of no feature versions becomes even more important, not less :)

Scott Kitterman (kitterman) said : #8

svn 1.5 has been uploaded to hardy-backports, so once it builds and is mirrored you'll be able to install it through the official Ubuntu repositories if you have backports enabled.

Jonathan Hartley (tartley) said : #9

Hey Wolfgamg (or anyone)
Sorry to be dumb, but I can't figure out how to install the subversion package from that page you linked to.
Thanks for any pointers.

Wolfgang Glas (wglas) said : #10

The package is in hardy-backports in the meanwhile, please activate this using one of the std GUI-frontends for apt.

Jonathan Hartley (tartley) said : #11

Hooray, that works. Thanks Wolfgang! I was locked out of my own svn repo that I'd accessed using an (up-to-date) Windows svn client! Hooray everything works again! :-)

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