how to merge 2 tracks into one

Asked by William T. Lowther on 2017-11-20

On some of my CDs there are introductions that artists make before performing their songs. Sound Juicer rips these intros as separate tracks. So when playing a playlist in shuffle mode, the intro and the song get separated. Is there a way to have Sound Juicer rip the intro+song as a single track? Any way to do this "post-rip"?

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What format are the ripped tracks please?

William T. Lowther (624wtl) said : #2

Format = FLAC

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> What format are the ripped tracks please?

William T. Lowther (624wtl) said : #3

The format that I am using is FLAC

William T. Lowther (624wtl) said : #5

I installed shntool using Synaptic Package Manager. Other required files were downloaded also. But I am getting the following messages---------------

$ sudo shntool join -o flac *.flac
shntool [join]: warning: failed to read data from input file using format: [flac]
shntool [join]: + you may not have permission to read file: [Cocker, Joe - Honky Tonk Women.flac]
shntool [join]: + arguments may be incorrect for decoder: [flac]
shntool [join]: + verify that the decoder is installed and in your PATH
shntool [join]: + this file may be unsupported, truncated or corrupt
shntool [join]: error: could not open file: [Cocker, Joe - Honky Tonk Women.flac]

When I googled these messages, it appears that some other files might be needed?

Why are you adding sudo?

Have you read the man page or looked online for different examples of the command?

William T. Lowther (624wtl) said : #8

Apologies for delayed response. Shntool did the job. I ran "sudo apt-get install flac" first. Next, I created a "test" folder into which I pasted the tracks that I wanted to join, then "cd" to that file and ran "shntool join -n -o flac *.flac". To get the proper sequence I simply "renamed" the files by appending "A", "B", "C", etc to the front of the file name as shntool joins files alphabetically. The resultant joined file is named "joined" by shntool. Then I used "easytag" to make corrections for track title, year, genre, etc.