How do I make id3-tags version 2.3?

Asked by Thomas Jensen on 2007-09-10

If I rip a cd into mp3 files in Sound Juicer using the standard pipeline (bla bla bla ! id3v2mux) I get id3-tags in verson 2.4.0, and my mp3-player don't like that (unknown artist etc.). I tried to add id3-tags in version 1.1 also (bla bla bla ! id3mux name=tag v2-tag=true v1-tag) and hoped it would solve the problem. Well, it only solved parts of the problem. I get the version 1.1 tags, but the 2.x tags are still version 2.4.0. My player is happy with version 2.3 tags. It reads some of the version 1.1 tags, track name and artist, but not track number, so the album is unsorted on the mp3-player... And also, if two albums with same artist have different id3-tags versions (2.3 and 1.1/2.4.0) the artist is listed two times on the player.

So, I think I need a way to make Sound Juicer use version 2.3 tags. Is it possible? Is there a work-around?


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Thomas Jensen (lianergoist) said : #1

Can no one help me? Is it difficult to undertand my question?

I think many people have had problems with version 2.4.0 tags. There must be a solution...


Philipp Wolfer (phw) said : #2

You might want to check out

After the installation you should be able to use "id3v23" in the gstreamer pipeline. Installation instructions are in the README, I haven't tried it myself, however.

Thomas Jensen (lianergoist) said : #3

Well, I sat up GRIP instead, and that solved my problem. I will try gst-id3v23-tags when I come back from holliday (I'm going on a 7 day trip to Rome tomorrow! :-) )


Philipp Wolfer (phw) said : #4

Nice holidays then :)

If you test gst-id3v23-tags it would be great if you could post your experience.

Emmanuel Rodriguez (potyl) said : #5

The plugin is no longer in FreshMeat. The latest version of the plugin is now attached to the GStreamer bugzilla bug proposing it's inclusion into mainstream ( The build instructions are available in the README included with the .tar.gz.