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   I believe this can be answered "across the board", so to speak. I recently installed LM17. In doing so, I first partitioned the HDD to what I thought was appropriate. Amh...the app/tool indicated the /usr needed 3.7Gb, which I did. Then installed, ran updates and got error msg. indicating /usr was too small. OK, no problem, just increase size of /usr partition. So, my question, since 3.7Gb was insufficient, just what is sufficient/needed? Also, would like to purge bluetooth from O.S. Any suggestions? (must say I read a lot of forums/how-tos and am finding TOO many ways...i.e...there doesn't seem to be a general consensus on how to rid the O.S of bluetooth). BTW...I'll NOT go into Software Mgr. and remove apps...already learned that lesson the hard way!
Thank You: [HP2000-210 LM17 80GbHDD]

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Thomas Krüger
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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Why are you making a separate partition for /usr ?

If you add another 2Gb you will be fine

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Best Thomas Krüger (thkrueger) said :

The /usr directory can get quite large depending on your installed software, especially if you are a developer.
Mine for example has about 7GB at the moment.

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Rick Miller (69rixter) said :

Thanks Thomas Krüger, that solved my question.

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Rick Miller (69rixter) said :

Thomas & Andrew:

   Thanx for replying. To Andrew: well, guess I read far too many "how-to's" of which some of those suggested setting up logical partition for /usr. However, I see, now, it's not neccessary. All that needs to be done is root, boot, swap and all else can be accomplished in the /home, given that I allocate enough space to it. (is this correct?). Have either of you got a suggestion(s) for getting rid of the bluetooth?

THANX fellas: