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Asked by Rick Miller

Hey All:

   I'm getting ready to install a new/different O.S. I will be 'wiping" the HDD completely. Now, I have a few questions regarding partitioning the HDD. First. Must I install the O.S, then Gparted before I can start sizing the partitions. 2. I have gparted installed on this O.S and cannot find it anywhere? 3. Is 3 Gb enough for the swap partition? 4. If the new O.S. is 1.3Gb(out-of-box) would 10-15 Gb partition be adequate? I have been watching video tutorials and reading about partitions. I'm getting the understanding (I think), but would welcome any suggestions on what tutorials/videos would be beneficial. This will be my first time "creating/formatting" a HDD. I'll have a few more questions when I'm absolutely ready to install new O.S, but for now, these are all.
ANY and ALL help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. [HP2000-210---LinuxMint17 (will be new O.S.) 250GbHDD--3GbRAM]

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Swap size depends on RAM. If you have 3Gb RAM then I suggest 3.3Gb swap (1.1 x RAM). If you have 2Gb RAM or less then use double the RAM amount for swap.

10-15Gb for / is fine but you may need to keep an eye on surplus kernels to keep wasted space to a minimum. The rest you can use for /home

The installer has a pretty GUI and you can setup your partitions as you desire. You don't need gparted. Remember to run a final full backup of your current data if there is data you need.

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Rick Miller (69rixter) said :

Afternoon Andrew:

   Another fine mess you've gotten me into, Ubuntu! Just as I was getting ready to 'move on", this morning I turn on the laptop and received this "failed to load session Ubuntu". Kryst, is there anything more this P.O.S. 12.04 can do to aggrivate me? (NO, I really don't want to know/find out) Now, thanx for confirming the questions I asked about partitioning. In your reply you stated
"The installer has a pretty GUI and you can setup your partitions as you desire. You don't need gparted. " The installer...???? Explanation , please. If it's what I'm thinking, that'd be great, but I must confess, I do not recall seeing any such item on any of the Ubuntu O'S's I've installed.(but, then, I wasn't looking for it either.) Oh, one more question concerning partitions, when I'm ready to move on and install/partition my next O.S., how do I determine that the O.S. is in the partion I wish it to be?
   Andrew, many, many THANX to you, my friend, You don't know how much you've helped (Well....maybe you do!!)
Take Care:

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