How to upgrade the icon displayed in Ubuntu Software Center ?

Asked by bflorat on 2014-01-22


(Disclaimer : I'm the Jajuk project admin)

The icon displayed at the upper-left side of the Ubuntu Software Center of my (x)ubuntu 12.04 is very pixelized (looks to be in 32x32 format if I'm not wrong).

Is there a way to upgrade it to a better (larger) icon so it looks nicer ?


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If you can find the name of the image you may find a larger one which will scale down better. Are there any bugs reported for this?


bflorat (bertrand-florat) said : #2

Thanks for this reply.

I have no idea of the location of this picture name, I don't know anything about the packaging process of Ubuntu softwares (I'm not Debian nor Ubuntu packager for this product).

According to [1] however, Ubuntu packages are mainly Debian packages integrated without changes. So I guess the picture and its name is either inside the Debian package itself or set externaly from the Ubuntu Software Center...

 It seems that screenshots or description can be submitted from the Ubuntu Software Center, maybe is there a similar way for the icons ?

Of course, we have much better pictures available from our repository like [2].

No, none bug have been reported so far about this, should I fill one ? is it a Debian issue or an Ubuntu one ?



Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #3

According to (click on the triangle in the second line of the table), the Ubuntu version of jajuk was taken over from Debian sid.

And as far as I can see from the Debian pages, the rules file to build that package takes just the jajuk-icon_16x16.png icon and nothing else.

I recommend you contact the Debian Java Maintainers and ask them to include the full set of icons as contained in the original source. I assume that when that is done, Ubuntu will take over the updated Debian package with its next release.

bflorat (bertrand-florat) said : #4

Thanks a lot.

So I will try to deal this with the Jajuk package Debian maintainers.