the disk drive for /tmp is not ready

Asked by Dan Bishop on 2013-12-13

1) This message appears on screen when starting my HP compaq laptop whose original OS being windows xp pro kept dissolving upon a power failure. Being poor (I actually live in my truck) I downloaded your free Ubuntu 12.04 and went to work! Thanks a bunch, I expect one day I'll actually pay you for something. In the mean time this is the message: the disk drive for /tmp is not ready or is ...
The computer boots in due time, but Im wondering, being self taught, what I might do to fix it.
2) Another item: I have not been able to make my volume be programmed to mute upon start up, and being that my internet is at the libraries I'd like to do that.
3) I use an audio DAW for my songwriting that is for win xp OS called Cakewalk pro24, which is out of warranty with no more support. I have not been able to, thru WINE, to get it to run. It encounters a serious problem, the top of the details are: Unhandled exception: unimplemented function MFC42.DLL.6663 called in 32-bit code (0x7bc49f20).
Register dump:
 .Should I try 'REACT OS', or another suggestion you might have. I have the Linux ARDOUR DAW and have not been able to use my CAKEWALK files in it yet.
4) Finally, what is the 'Lost and Found' folder?
 Thanks for participating in helping poor people survive, Dan

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Every linux partition has a lost and found folder. This is completely normal.

If you add /tmp with the relevant options to /etc/fstab it can help with this.

Dan Bishop (yourdba) said : #2

Most greatful for your reply. I've not used this yet since in moments later it boots up fine, but I do have more knowledge now, thank you, Dan