Reporting faulty programs in Program-central

Asked by Anders Martinsson on 2011-11-12

After finding out that Kdenlive does not work when installed from Ubuntu Program-central due to a problem with MLT-versions
And I finding a few other programs that are problematic ex: Supertux that needed the old version installed for the new to work.

My thoughts are
If Program central are meant to be a easy way for average users to install programs and giving good PR to Ubuntu it should have a report-problem button that makes it easy for the users to notify developers of non-working or badly working programs so they could be fixed (preferably marked as "under maintenance" while fixing is done).

Is anything like this being considered?
How do we users best report problems with Program-central programs today?

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Program-central = Software-center
Mixed Swedish with English /A

Best Sam_ (and-sam) said : #2

Bug reports should be reported via apport and assigned to the relevant package.
If an application doesn't start at all via GUI then it's possible to run it via terminal and in case investigate the output (beside log files).

Maybe add your consideration to blueprint.

These instructions does not apply to Unity.
Should be rewritten to include Unity. Otherwise users just will be confused and not report bugs.

"Maybe add your consideration to blueprint."

Thanks Sam_, that solved my question.

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #5

> These instructions does not apply to Unity.

Please clarify why, thanks.
"If you launched the application through the Main Menu, you can use the menu editor to find which command it runs: "
And instructions below that line.
There is no Main Menu or menu editor.

Or is it?

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #7

Thanks for the clarification. It's under GNOME section, which is still in use on LTS 10.04 and afaik in gnome-fallback-session. The section 'Any' can be used for unity, although the description of launching a terminal doesn't apply.
The page was last edited 2011-11-08 from Brian Murray, maybe contact him to ask about Unity.