A Package in Natty is No Longer offered in Oneiric, Now What?

Asked by nutznboltz

Yesterday I discovered a package and started to fix it a bit.

I thought "better get the fixes into Oneiric". Now I find the package was dropped.

What should I do to recover from this? I'm sure Canonical isn't a bunch of tyrants, it's just bad luck and/or bad timing that the package got dropped just before I was in a position to help fix it.

But what should I do to recover and get the package back into Oneiric? Where is stuff like this documented? How can I open a bug report about a missing package?

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nutznboltz (nutznboltz-deactivatedaccount) said :

I put my fixes in a PPA for Natty here:

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Could log a bug stating why it is needed. May get it back in. If the package is no longer maintained then that is one reason to drop it

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Best mycae (mycae) said :

the package was removed from debian some time ago.

Hence it would not have been imported during the debian auto-import for Oneiric. As the debian import freeze has already passed, it is unlikely that your package will be included in Oneiric, and your PPA is the right way to go.

For a more robust overall result, you might want to email the debian maintainer and ask why he has not updated the package; sometimes it is just that the maintainer hasn't the time to fix it, other times it is because a package is too buggy or the APIs it uses are too old, etc etc.

I had a quick search around to see if I could turn anything up, but couldn't. If you do get a response, consider posting it somewhere (even here) so that everyone knows what the situation is with regards to this package.

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Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) said :
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nutznboltz (nutznboltz-deactivatedaccount) said :

Thanks mycae, that solved my question.

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nutznboltz (nutznboltz-deactivatedaccount) said :

thanks actionparsnip and jbicha, too.

The "your PPA is the right way to go" part of mycae's answer is the part that makes sense to me.

If I had more time I'd pursue it better but all my effort on this is done on little scraps of my time.