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Answered 205029 Password reset 2012-08-04 23:05:20 UTC gabrielle beaupre Answered
Answered 204863 I have no password yet it still asks me for it when I try to download updates. 2012-08-02 15:04:19 UTC Juan Barboza Answered
Answered 204283 Only guest login available after install w no pw 2012-07-26 19:35:49 UTC guisoft Answered
Answered 204261 password please help 2012-07-26 13:25:11 UTC Scott Riddell Answered
Answered 204165 Passwords 2012-07-25 16:15:11 UTC Scott Riddell Answered
Answered 204085 I am having problems logging onto my computer as the administrator. I do not know the password and it gives you no recovery of password options. 2012-07-25 00:31:06 UTC Candice Answered
Answered 204062 what is my password? need to reset it... 2012-07-24 20:03:33 UTC Dorreatha Ford Answered
Answered 203662 i bought my note book i have not the password to authenticate any download can you give me a new password or what to do please 2012-07-19 20:14:45 UTC Valente barata laurent Answered
Solved 203259 forgot log in password for ubuntu 12.04 lts 2012-07-15 21:44:15 UTC micheal elwood Solved
Answered 203077 useradd: cannot lock /etc/passwd; 2012-07-13 17:13:08 UTC jamie butler Answered
Answered 201764 No password but authentication still needed. 2012-06-29 04:19:14 UTC delpear Answered
Answered 201724 Cannot use "no password required" setting to authenticate 2012-06-28 16:10:41 UTC Gary Martin Answered
Answered 201691 Unknown Administrative Password 2012-06-28 07:22:06 UTC Lee John Answered
Solved 201672 "Enter password for keyring 'default' to unlock"--didn't set this up; how do I reset? 2012-06-27 23:49:18 UTC Benjamin Toll Solved
Solved 201314 kubuntu 12.04 will not recognise login 2012-06-24 10:46:56 UTC robert young Solved
Answered 201289 changing passwords cause i forgot them or been changed without permission 2012-06-24 01:45:32 UTC Robert E. Jones Jr. Answered
Answered 201287 ubuntu won't accept password 2012-06-24 01:11:32 UTC Lindsay M. Lee Answered
Solved 200973 Can't login to Ubuntu 12.04 2012-06-20 10:46:26 UTC Shawn235 Solved
Answered 200769 Password not recognised problem reports 2012-06-18 11:38:46 UTC Paul D Mallett Answered
Answered 200729 I forgot custom password for system 2012-06-18 00:37:08 UTC Vanessa Kirby Answered
Answered 200675 forgot administrative password 2012-06-17 06:00:03 UTC Randy Becannon Answered
Answered 200635 root password confusion - new user 2012-06-16 18:05:32 UTC brian heron Answered
Answered 200591 how to change logon and password 2012-06-16 04:54:00 UTC brady land Answered
Answered 200499 Can't reboot to change password because I need the password to reboot. 2012-06-15 04:46:31 UTC kittie cortez Answered
Answered 200497 The problem is trying to sign in or open Ubuntu my program pass word ? 2012-06-15 04:12:23 UTC Irvin Atha Answered
Answered 200397 Locked User account after I disabled a password, password still there? 2012-06-14 05:45:59 UTC kittie cortez Answered
Solved 200387 login incorrect... 2012-06-14 03:33:37 UTC Clinton Arnett Solved
Answered 200226 Removed login password, after initially using one. Now it wants password to do any administration stuff, but there isn't one anymore 2012-06-12 18:24:49 UTC James Hammit Answered
Solved 199245 ubuntu root account accidently changed to standard account 2012-06-03 13:50:07 UTC Tanmoy Kumar Thakur Solved
Solved 199155 Can not login; no password for login 2012-06-02 05:03:46 UTC Andrew Solved
Solved 199114 Password not working 2012-06-01 16:55:34 UTC Barbara Maver Solved
Answered 199019 admin. account password ? locked out... 2012-05-31 17:47:05 UTC Gregory M. Long Answered
Answered 198943 I can not download anything it says to authenticate but when i put my password it would not go 2012-05-31 02:39:34 UTC Denis Serrano Answered
Answered 198444 bought computer from a student who hasn't given me the password, is there anyway i can get it? 2012-05-25 16:39:30 UTC Julian Thomas Answered
Solved 198230 Cannot log on administrator or standard account 2012-05-23 20:06:51 UTC wim buys Solved
Answered 198116 Lost Administrator Privileges 2012-05-22 20:37:20 UTC Craig Sears Answered
Solved 197944 Admin account privileges issue in 11.10 2012-05-21 10:05:50 UTC Asoka Dissanayake Solved
Solved 197656 Installed Ubuntu 12.04 and now my authentication password does not work 2012-05-18 00:13:57 UTC David S. Watts Solved
Solved 195887 User account and side panel 2012-05-03 17:55:01 UTC Margaret Mackintosh Solved
Answered 195557 Cannot login to server locally 2012-05-01 16:10:18 UTC Greg Harkins Answered
Solved 195446 Authorization changes during upgrade 2012-04-30 19:59:00 UTC Casim Mithani Solved
Answered 195440 Password not authenticating 2012-04-30 19:07:56 UTC Luis Velazco Answered
Solved 195362 Ubuntu 12.04 login screen 2012-04-30 08:34:30 UTC Ian Croad Solved
Solved 195199 I installed Ubuntu and I boot up to a username and password screen.. What is the username and password? 2012-04-29 02:35:09 UTC TIMOTHY MCLAUGHLIN Solved
Solved 195168 how can i reset my password ? 2012-04-28 21:18:16 UTC laura Solved
Answered 195160 how to reset user password... 2012-04-28 20:07:26 UTC Erin Loveless Answered
Answered 195017 login problem after upgrading 2012-04-27 19:50:09 UTC John Matthews Answered
Answered 194888 What can I do when I cannot remember the password and username to boot up Linux ubuntu? 2012-04-27 02:03:59 UTC Christopher Parrott Answered
Answered 194394 Did not set a password but system keeps ask for an authentication for updates. 2012-04-22 16:45:47 UTC Barbara Russell Answered
Answered 194270 auto to solve the Authenticate Failure 2012-04-21 00:32:08 UTC Jamie Martin Answered
Answered 193996 add user 2012-04-18 04:59:45 UTC yen hoang Answered
Answered 193573 password from root(authenticate) 2012-04-13 21:41:06 UTC Gabriel Ramos Answered
Answered 193383 wont reboot ubuntu without password which is lost! 2012-04-12 02:06:52 UTC kendall Coley Answered
Solved 193011 Login and Authenticate Problems 2012-04-08 17:54:25 UTC Daniel Cheung Solved
Solved 192937 LTS 12.04 beta 2 error after logging into my account concerning my pwd that is no longer correct after upgrade from lts 10.04 2012-04-07 20:08:11 UTC Jan van Emous Solved
Answered 192928 Password issue 2012-04-07 18:54:45 UTC Judygm Answered
Answered 192843 forgotten password root wont reset due to password requested for maintenance 2012-04-06 18:36:50 UTC willfredo matos Answered
Answered 192787 my password is not working: locked myself out 2012-04-06 02:38:51 UTC denise gilman Answered
Answered 192081 I don't know the user password how to find or change 2012-03-29 20:06:35 UTC lynne gilham Answered
Answered 191978 trying to reset mypassword and format my laptop without cd to update cpu 2012-03-28 21:17:20 UTC edward tekaucic Answered
Solved 191676 id and groups reports wrong groups membership 2012-03-25 17:04:34 UTC A. Broustet Solved
Answered 191637 unlocking locked unset password option 2012-03-25 07:45:08 UTC candice Answered
Answered 191599 retreival of admin password 2012-03-24 19:06:53 UTC Shruthi Answered
Solved 191019 password do not work in 11.10 2012-03-18 13:55:32 UTC Steve Porter Solved
Answered 190739 System Challenges (Administrative Rights) 2012-03-15 06:17:12 UTC Adegboyega During Answered
Answered 190571 hacker controls my administrator account 2012-03-13 18:09:22 UTC john simon Answered
Solved 190259 Ubuntu never accept the password 2012-03-10 12:47:19 UTC HARIS MICHAELIDES Solved
Solved 190001 installing printer drivers need to know or change my password 2012-03-07 21:36:35 UTC richard cowton Solved
Solved 189618 I changed my admin account to no password help? 2012-03-04 11:13:38 UTC Misty Goble Solved
Answered 189280 someone give me ubuntu with out a password 2012-03-01 02:17:21 UTC doug Answered
Solved 188771 password set to none but still asking for password, and cannot recognize old password 2012-02-24 20:04:03 UTC Wasim Ahmad Solved
Answered 188575 Password wont chang via root and programs won't install 2012-02-23 05:08:45 UTC nnataliah Answered
Answered 188440 I have no password in my computer. But it keeps asking for one when i set it to None. Now I can't install my updates :( 2012-02-21 21:49:52 UTC Mack Tomyn Answered
Solved 187873 Wrong password issue 2012-02-15 19:00:13 UTC Jerryfalzone Solved
Answered 187701 Error on password reset 2012-02-14 02:47:52 UTC Sean Grey Answered
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