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Asked by Scott Riddell on 2012-07-26

ok i press shift on boot. My menu comes up so i go to recovery. I press the recovery then i get to another menu i opt for the root which says drop to root shell prompt i enter
Then it says give root password for maintenance which i dont have or control -d to continue to oot which just resends me bact to the normal menu. Also i try to type in commands at the password bit but nothing shows not even asterixes nothin. When ever i press enter it says wrong password. So frustrated followed and written down commands nothing happening.

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Thomas Kr├╝ger (thkrueger) said : #1

Hi Scott, before I start answering, i need to tell you a little about the system we use on this website.
We like to keep all communication on one topic together, so we can see everything was was advised and all the infomartion you were giving to us. To endure this you have to use the link in the email to open your question in the browser and give your answers and follow-ups in the large text field at the bottom. That will make many thinks more easy for us and will increase the chance of finding the right solution. Tank you!

As far as I remember you said you received the computer from someone else and you report indicares that there is some wrong with the installation of the Ubuntu operating system. To get it working properly it would be the best to reinstall Ubuntu.
All you need is a rencent Ubuntu CD (version 12.04 is best).
If you have an other computer avaiable you can download an Image from .
On the pages are also links where you can see how to burn a CD from the downloaded .ISO file and to the installation guide.
When you have created the CD, put it in the CD drive and start the computer with it. A live Ubuntu version from the CD should start and you should have the option to install it to your hard disk.

When you don't have any important private data or an other Operating system on the computer yet, you should tell the installer that you would like to use the complete harddisk and create a fresh installation, you should not recover or update the existing installed Ubuntu. After the installation the system should be fresh and working.

Scott Riddell (scott-riddell) said : #2

I think thats what ill have to do. As i try to go back to root but nothing happens and i cant get the password to change. Ive3 followed the instructions but it asks for the maintenace password which i dont have. Ive gone back to the seller but he said he couldnt remember it which doesnt help at all.


When you get to the Grub install command, run:

passwd foo

You can then set your password.

You should NOT have a root password set and having it not set is the default config in Ubuntu so you should be able to use the root console to set passwords etc. So by setting your password you have screwed yourself over. Either that, or you bought the system pre-installed and someone else set the password.

Scott Riddell (scott-riddell) said : #4

I brought it pre installed. The owner forgot the password and when ever i get to the root it asks for the password and when ever i try to punch in a command nothing shows and says wrong password. Its really frustrating as i need to install things but cant.

Then you can use the link I gave :)

Austin Texas (linuxmint18) said : #6

Just to clear up your concern that when you type in a password, nothing shows.
That is how linux works. It does not show any asterisks or anything just as a security measure.

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