I changed my admin account to no password help?

Asked by Misty Goble on 2012-03-04

Just started using Ubuntu today, completely deleted windows 7. It works way better, heres the issue: I changed my admin password to no password because i got tired of entering it for everything everytime my computer went to sleep mode, now i can't download anything from the software center because it keeps asking for authorization, and a password, which i do not have now. I put in the old password, that didn't work, i tried to get into grub or recovery mode, and when i hold down or push shift, the computer just starts normally, nothing happens, UBuntu is the only operating system on my computer now, so i don't know why shift won't work. I can't change it with terminal either, I tried, maybe I am just stupid, but nothing I have read on the internet works for me. I Just want to download stuff from the software center, and I don't have a password even though it keeps asking me for one, what can I do? do I need to reinstall Ubuntu? don't want to but I will if I have to, someone help me if you can please, its driving me nuts already devoted a few hours to trying to fix it.
Thanks in advance.

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ahambidge (ahambidge) said : #1


Check out this link.



Allan :)

Misty Goble (mistygoble) said : #2

yeah i tried that first, the shift key will not let me into recovery mode, my computer just starts up normally. other ideas? do i need to reinstall? thanks

use cursors to select recovery mode, then select root

Your OS NEEDS a password to work. Blank passwords not only remove any security in your OS but are also really dumb.

Misty Goble (mistygoble) said : #4

yeah i just reinstalled everything, i think that maybe grub messed up the first time, because i could never get into recovery mode, no matter what i did. everything is fine now though, i set a new password and reinstall only took like 30 minutes thanks anyway