user without password, screensaver requests password

Asked by SoloTurn on 2012-01-02

i created a user without password. login with lightdm works. but if the screensaver turns on, a password is required to unlock. just pressing login does not work, one has to press "switch user" to get back to lightdm and then press return to log in again. is there a simpler possibility?

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Geoffrey McClinsey (geoffmcc) said : #1

Well there is a password set. You created it during install, you just chose to bypass that password by having Ubuntu log you in automatically. So entering the password is also an option there.

But I get what you are asking. In screen saver setup there should be an option to "Lock the screen". You wan't to disable this.
You may also want to go into "Screen" and turn the lock off there too.

Best Chris (fabricator4) said : #2

I'll assume you're using 11.10 or 11.04...

A user login with no password is a serious security risk.

To stop the screen being locked when the screen saver is activated, just open

--->System Settings

and turn 'Lock' off.

If you have a decent password but have auto login enabled and lock screen is off, then you'll probably very rarely have to type the password. Presumably it's just a normal user account, not the main admin account. (If it's an admin account with no password then you are just asking for trouble - Do NOT connect this machine to the internet)

If you just want a casual account for others to use get them to use the guest account (11.10) which requires no password, but also does not save data on the hard drive as it uses a RAM drive only for /home.


SoloTurn (soloturn) said : #3

many thanks for the answers, this helped! its 11.10, the machine is not reachable via internet, and its a normal user account used as htpc account, so permanent storing is important.

i find it inconsistent (a bug?) that the login password bypass and the screensaver password are not connected. i.e. one can lock the screen, then press "switch user" and log in without password, while direct login is not possible.

SoloTurn (soloturn) said : #4

Thanks Chris, that solved my question.