I need to know how access the internet on UBUNTU and I dont know any passwords or authentications?

Asked by Rebecca Burton on 2011-12-20

Ok my mom got a new computer and gave me her old one which had crashed and a guy from her work installed UBUNTU for it to work.

She does not know any passwords or authentications so now I cant get on the net and we use cradlepoint for the network.

Every time I try to get on net the cradlepoint page comes on and I enter the code which is the last 6 characters or numbers at the end of the cradlepoint box.

It gos through it but still does not connect to the net.

So I want to reinstall UBUNTU or figure out what I need to do.

And we dont have the CD for the installation or re installation.

I would like to reset everything on it because it was her work computer and now its not.

Is there anything I can do to fix this??

PLEASE PLEASE someone help me.

This is my first computer ever and it was for Christmas even though its been used I need it to work...

And a contact number would really help me too.

Thank you

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Please someone help me please..

If you hold shift at boot and select root, then select recovery mode you can then run:

ls /home

You will see your usernames on the system, you can then use:

cd /home/andy

replace andy with your username, you can now run:

rm -r ./.*
cp /root/.bashrc .
chown andy:andy .bashrc
cp /root/.profile .
chown andy:andy .profile

You will now have a default desktop and can setup the desktop as you wish from zero config

mycae (mycae) said : #3

If you can see the "cradlepoint" page, it seems like changing your user password is not really going to help, as you are logged in fine, and your local network is functioning normally. Something is wrong with your settings on the cradlepoint device, or the connection to your ISP. If you can't access your web-browser however, you can ignore my following comments...

We are random internet volunteers, and are probably not even in your country or timezone, so we don't really give out contact numbers, sorry. Its possible to get paid telephone support, but this obviously costs money.

Do you have any other computers which are able to use the network with the cradlepoint device? What is the model # of the device?

Can you open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T, and then cut and paste these commands? This will give some more info on the system you are running.

uname -a
lsb_release -a
wget http://google.com > /dev/null

Once you run those commands, please copy and paste the output back here, which will give others more information to troubleshoot this, if possible.

Okay is there anyway that I can restart Ubuntu or reset everything? I am not smart at all with this system and I am totally confused. I have tried to reset password and I dont know how to reset authentication password. I am completely confused about all of it!!! If anyone knows how to do these things I need it word for word please. I look on the net to try to find ways to reset them and nothing ever works and I dont want to crash this computer so should I just stop and take it to a computer store? I have seen on the net that it is really easy to do but this is to hard for me. Please help if anyone can. I am so aggravated with it.

those are step by step, they are terminal commands...

Yes we have another laptop using the cradlepoint and it works. The model device number is CTR350 is has a MAC add, SSID and Serial #. What exactly will I have to do because I can read the directions on this computer to do to my computer. Thank you foe help. And now when I turn on my computer it says something about the key and wants something typed in I just have no clue what to do.

And what is the terminal is that when you go to recovery mode and its UBUNTU 8.10 and generic is behind alot on the recovery page. LOL I am clue less but I hope this helps. And if I could just restart the whole system and re create it with my own passwords and authentications or just not even have to have any passwords or authentications I only want to use the computer as a home computer not a work computer and I think my moms work tried to keep up with everything on it. So pleaseeeeeeee help!!!! Thank you

Ok I know what terminal is now I typed in all commands and I got all info on it now I just dont know what to do?

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