do not have old password for gnome-keyring

Asked by Hubert Stevenson Hickey on 2011-04-29

When I try to log onto Ubuntu One, it pops up the gnome-keyring window which asks for a password. My current password does not satisfy it. Some time ago last year, I first installed Ubuntu 9.04 onto my Hp Pavilion. I had not worked with Unix since 1993. Somehow I got a wrong password in the system (possibly a typo or something). I consulted with a lot of gurus and finally re-installed windows. Everything worked except for the login gnome-keyring. I went through many hoops and finally got this so that it would not pop up all over the place. But I never got into ubuntu one. Now I have just installed ubuntu 11.04 and I would like to be able to solve the gnome-keyring problem. I have found no workable answers on the web. It seems that, if you don't have your original password stored somewhere, there is no way to get back to square one. Is this password stored somewhere on my hard drive? I tried to re-install Seahorse, but it did not change anything. I still get the "Enter password to unlock your login keyring" prompt. This is one of those catch-22 problems where you have to have an old password to unlock the keyring, but you can't re-install the old password and you can't cause gnome to say that there is no old password, please enter one, or something like that. This is hair tearing out time!
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Here is something else that is from that time. I got into this problem while trying to add my wife's name onto ubuntu one and her name replaced my name and I have never been able to change it back. I am not Renata Aisha Hickey, I am Hubert Stevenson Hickey

If you go into the security section you can possibly change the keyring password, if this is not an option then you will need to delete the key and setup a fresh one. I use a blank key so I don't get bothered for passwords for the key

ChuckL (c-j-lingo-cox) said : #3

I have a problem that is apparently closely related to this one. I am using Zorin 5.2 and have the problem that even though I have never used the keyring on this computer, every time I attempt to use the email function of Evolution, I am asked for the sign-in PWD for my ISP. The sign-in block includes a check block to remember the PWD. I have checked this.

As soon as I have entered the PWD and click on the Submit button the system asks me for the Keyring PWD.

The Gnome Keyring was deactivated in my SYSTEMS startup Folder. I just checked. It has been reactivated.
This time I will deactivate the Gnome Keyring and the Secret Storage Service

What programs automatically start the Gnome Keyring, so that I can check for them. And if none of this works how to I remove the Gnome keyring to eliminate the password(s) it contains and then reinstall it with NO passwords?

I suggest that this system be modified to tell the user what has been copied over from previous systems and the user be allowed to choose to keep system stopping codes or reject them and opt to reinstall these codes as if the system is newly installed. Even better would be simply deleting all found passwords when installing the new systems.

I cn understand this as a way to reduce the work for a business or person who uses these security methods regularly. However, if any of my children came into contact with the problems that I have, they would never again consider Linus.

The work around that I have discovered for my problem is to simply cancel or close the Keyring login box. Sometimes this must be done twice. Then I have email until I reopen the email when I have to repeat again.

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