Why does Gnome Keyring ask for my password whenever I log in?

Asked by Daniel Kelly on 2011-01-03

I don't find a way to access the keyring. How do I solve my problem? I don't want to sign my password every time I log in.

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Daniel Kelly (dkellyhome) said : #1

I can't find a network manager icon. How do I get it?

Set a blank password for keyring and it won't

Daniel Kelly (dkellyhome) said : #3

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> Set a blank password for keyring and it won't
How do I do that!

Instead of simply asking, you could have done some research, you'd learn the OS faster as well as getting a solutions faster. You would have found something like this:


Daniel Kelly (dkellyhome) said : #5

That answer was very rude and presumptive. Thanks for trying just the same.

I did a lot of extra work using the information you sent, and the link didn't work. However, by accident I wound up on Ubuntu Tutorial and found a nice answer.

It took me to System> Preferences> Passwords and Encryption Keys. There was no default.key so I looked further and it suggested I delete the login.key file. That worked.

Then when I restarted my computer, it started fine. A little later on when accessing another program it asked me to set up a password. I left it blank and that was that. I don't worry much about security because I am the only one on my machine.

Again thanks. You did help. Perhaps you might work on your people skills ( in reference to your second email ).


It's not rude. I'm showing why asking how something of that nature is disadvantageous. Using the direction you could have found guides (like you did). It makes support easier if you can proverbially fish rather than being thrown salmon.
No rudeness was intended but simple websearches after some direction of areas to investigate help all involved.