How do I get rid of using passwords continually

Asked by Stephen Mark on 2010-12-07

I am pestered by continually having to put in passwords and / or keyring passwords. I do not get a lot of problems with Windows and I put in my password when I start and that's it. UBUNTU is going over the top; I think. This is getting to ~ annoying! How can I set passwords once for operating system and once for doing tasks that ask for authorisation? This is a weakness with UBUNTU not a strength. People are always going to compare Open Source with Windows; Windows set the standard. Microsoft have lost the way for 25 years (yes they make money but we don't buy software because it makes money for Microsoft; do we?
So I want to stop all the demands for inputting passwords unless there is a security risk attached to what I am doing. I am running UBUNTU 10.10 on a Dell Inspiron 6400 with dual core 1.67GHz with 2GB RAM and 80GB HDD. The laptop has no problem with XP Home Media or even with Vista Basic and these operating systems do not plague me for passwords every two minutes. Can anyone help with this, or do I swop over my hard drive to XP and wait till UBUNTU stop playing developers and produce the user's version?

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What are the tasks that requiere you to enter your password?

Best GREG T. (ubuntuer) said : #2

 if some one was to use your pc they can add or remove anything they would want to, but if they do not have your password they cant . it is a security thing .

Stephen Mark (as-mark1) said : #3

Hello Greg.
There is putting in a password to open a session; then there is putting in a password everytime you stop typing or moving your mouse for less than a minute, I have re-installed from ISO CD Disks made from three different download sources and I have changed all the time settings for passwords.

At the moment I have put back my Windows HDD so that I can get work done as this is Chrsitmas time and there are messages and letters to be sent. Sadly I was finding UBUNTU becoming annoying.

If your developer friends are reading this; my message is that UBUNTU 10.10 should run like Windows or Apple and with annoyances like this I cannot afford the time of the frustration; and sadly I cannot recommend it to my friends.

I have told so many people about UBUNTU but I am afraid to demonstrate it as some of them are retired and find using passwords a problem, Password should be for starting a program not for maintaining it like a Formula 1 pit stop. I hope you get my point.

I have been working with (using their amazing power) for 50 years, yes that is before Sinclair ZX and the problem then was the need for an operator, punch cards and card readers. These were not as frustrating as having to put in passwords like putting money in a payphone.

I thank you for your advice, it is good advice. However, security is not my problem here; my problem is keeping my from throwing the machine out of the window. UBUNTU needs to fine tune things and break away from their witchdoctors that want to keep everything mysterious.

May I wish you and you family a Very Happy Christmas?


Go to System -> Preferences -> Screensaver and uncheck the option that reads "lock the screen..."

That will eliminate the password request when inactive for a while.

Once you get used to Ubuntu a bit more you will discover other ways to customize it to fit your own habits. For example you can also avoid the log in password to open a session, but I have not tested it since I share my computer with other people.

GREG T. (ubuntuer) said : #5

a great thing for you to do would be make phone contact with a person that has been using ubuntu a couple of years or so .

Wendy Kirby (ofmineheart) said : #6

Have tried the above sequence but the option is not checked. What next?