Questions for scribus in Ubuntu

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Answered 197704 Return key gives me a diacritical e in Scribus 2012-05-18 15:16:26 UTC Mark Morehouse Answered
Solved 169945 Scribus needs both libpodofo0.8.4 and libjpeg62 but libjpeg62 is over 6b-15ubuntu1. 2011-09-02 20:23:25 UTC crizorgy Solved
Solved 161024 scribus 1.4.0 for maverick 2011-06-10 20:46:51 UTC Marco Buono Solved
Answered 157591 launching scribus from archive 2011-05-15 12:10:17 UTC Jill Jones Answered
Solved 125107 Scribus image import 2010-09-12 11:09:48 UTC ahambidge Solved
Solved 76357 Scribus does not print properly 2009-07-08 06:37:34 UTC Brian R. Solved
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