screen-profiles refresh causes inability to scroll in ssh session

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Binary package hint: screen-profiles

This may not be a genuine bug and it is just a minor annoyance. I have the new screen-profiles package installed and running in Jaunty and set to autorun when I ssh into my machine. I'm using the ubuntu-black profile. When I run a command with a large output and try to scroll up to look at the top of the output, periodically it will jump back to the bottom. I believe this is caused by the refresh on one of the status notifications which is part of the screen profile.

This behaviour is occurring on Jaunty final. I'm using Putty on a windows machine as my ssh client.

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Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) said :

Hello, thanks for the report.

What method are you using to scrollback? I presume you're using the scroll-bars or shift-pageup?

If so, yes, it is the screen status bar refresher that's bringing your focus back down to the bottom.

Honestly, shift-pageup isn't the best way to scroll back when using screen. In that case, you're using a feature of putty which is not really compatible with screen.

Rather, I suggest that you screen's scrollback mode.

Hit F7, and then you can pageup, pagedown, arrowup, arrowdown, search and navigate using vi-like syntax, etc. This also works on a per-window basis in screen. So you could do a 'find .' in one screen window, and a 'ls -alF /lib' in another window, and F7 would scroll each of those window's scrollback correctly. Putty (or gnome-terminal or konsole) would instead scroll incorrectly, just barfing back at you the last text they saw (mixing up the contents of each).


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Twig (pfirth) said :

Ah, I wasn't aware of this functionality. This is perfect. Thanks for the detailed reply.