I seem to have 2 independent configurations of sbackup - can they be merged?

Asked by Mark Dwyer on 2011-03-07

I have upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04. I have just figured out that there is a difference between

Applications>Accessories>Simple Backup-Configuration (1)


Applications>System Tools>Simple Backup-Configuration (2)

Is this an intentional design of 10.10 or is it some glitch I have introduced? If it is intentional, how do I get just (2) to run?

(1) is a regular user level (non sudo). The schedule tab cannot be accessed. The configuration file is:

(2) is the sudo version. Here the schedule tab is available. (The program needs a password to start). The configuration file for this backup is in /etc/sbackup.conf

I think I would prefer to use (2), but right now I seem to have both running, in that one or the other seems to run more or less randomly each day. How do I turn off (1), given that the scheduler tab is inaccessible. If I just remove it from the Accessories menu, will that suffice?

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Mark Dwyer (mdwy62) said : #1

The [schedule] section of the config file for the Accessories (non root) version is empty. My guess is that this only runs manually. I have removed these sbackup configuration/restore options from the Accessories menu. I don't think this version will run on its own.

I'm not really sure why the Accessories menu has the option of adding sbackup to it, as it doesn't have all its functionality when it is opened from that location. It's full functionality is available from from the System Tools menu.