Too hard to determine when sbackup restore is done

Asked by SegundoBob on 2010-08-10

My experience agrees with Johan Prins reported 2008-12-25. See

In addition, one day I did a restore that I thought was successful. The next day I discovered there were many missing files (that is, files that were not restored) even though these files were on the backup and I later successfully restored them one by one. My best guess as to the cause of the missing files, is that I closed sbackup's pop-up "Restoring this might take some time ..." window before sbackup restore was done.

I am using Ubuntu Studio 10.04 with real-time interrupts enabled, and sbackup 0.10.5ubuntu2.

At this moment I don't know how to determine when a restore is finished.

Sbackup is useless to me--until I can reliably determine when a restore is finished.

Sbackup is useless to me--until I can trust sbackup to restore to restore ALL the files and directories that I select.

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You can use grsync instead to sync the changed data to the backup. You should also log a bug to state there is no feedback to the screen during activity.

SegundoBob (bhossley) said : #2

Thanks for the confirmation that there is no way to tell when a restore operation finishes. Based on this I stopped trying to use sbackup to restore from a backup. Instead I just use sudo to invoke the "File Roller" GUI or tar from the command line. They accomplish what I want, even though they do not rename files replaced by restoring from an incremental backup as sbackup does.

I do not understand why you mention sync or grsync. So far as I know, they have nothing to do with my question or your answer to my question. Perhaps you were working on something completely unrelated at the moment you spent a few seconds responding to my question?

rsync is a command line differential backup command, grsync is a gui to it.