HP Scanjet 3500c issues 1.0.20-1

Asked by epek

from a correspondence with troy rollo:

I asked:
> After finishing a scan of the first page the slay stays in its current
> > (ending) position. It does not return to its parking position (top)with
> > simple scan (reproducible) . Scanning further pages is hence not
> > possible until the scanner gets disconnected and reconnected again.
> > (Simple Scan crashes then, of course).

He answered
This looks like the problem fixed by commit
8ec394d6489dac4226fd22f6cac02dd1a89c400c which was included in version


will these few patches lines probably find a way into 1.0.20-2?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Log a bug with the fix and it will be included in the next release most likely.

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epek (epek) said :

I confirm, that with sane-backend-1.0.21, the problem is gone. Take hp3500.c from sane-backend-1.0.21.orig and integrate it into the patched 1.0.21. See diff to confirm, that there are no side-effects to be expected.

I have to admit, that my own "backported" hp3500.c did not solve the problem reliably. I used the ubuntu source tree with all its' other patches applied, then with a 1.0.20 source tree without the ubuntu patches, patched against 1.0.21, which worked like a charm.

I am willing to test your approach, if you need further feedback.

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Roberto Mueller (webmaster-adamcie) said :

I had the same problem until I used another USB port. But now Xsane closes without warning after the scan is complete. The version of sane is 1.0.14-9 which was installed through adept. My scanner is a HP Scanjet 3500c

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jadewick (jadewick) said :

Take hp3500.c from rational backend-1.0.21.orig and coordinate it into the fixed 1.0.21. See diff to affirm, that there are no results not out of the ordinary

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jacky joy (jackyjoy123) said :

Yes. ScanGear MP v1.8 works directly and also through Gimp for my printer/scanner. I'm happy that libsane-pixma made it work with Xsane so I didn't have to switch to different software.

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jacky joy (jackyjoy123) said :

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