Unable to access files between Ubuntu and Win 7 on same PC

Asked by PV on 2012-04-28

I am having a lot of problem with Ubuntu file sharing.
My version is 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS.

I installed Ubuntu with Wubi on my laptop which already had a Win 7 Home Premium OS in partition.

Now I want to share my folders inbetween the 2 OS.

My Win 7 partition connects wirelessly to Internet but on my Ubuntu I have to connect with Broadband LAN cable.

I have tried sharing with samba but on my Network tab in Ubuntu I have Ubuntu and Windows network.

Windows Network has Workgroup I shared across both partitions but in that there are Ubuntu shares instead of Windows shares.

Also I cannot access Ubuntu shares from Windows too.

Can you please provide an easy way to do the needfull?

I have tried Filezilla on Windows and openssh-server in Ubuntu but when I give my IP address of Ubuntu machine in filezilla Client in windows, it throws an error "Server timed out". Also I have username hp for both Win 7 and Ubuntu accounts although passwords are different.

I have posted this question to Ubuntu forums too but have not got an appropriate response.

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PV (preetinder-v) said : #1

This is urgent so please respond asap. Thanks

If you installed Ubuntu via wubi you don't need the network. It's on the same system then you can just access the partition. If you run:

nautilus /host

You should see the data in windows

PV (preetinder-v) said : #3

Thanks I am able to see the data in Windows in Ubuntu. But how do I see Ubuntu data in Windows?

You can't. Windows is crap like that. You may be able to find a 3rd party app for Windows to mount the wubi disk file.

You can access the data easier from Ubuntu with:

ln -s /host ~/Windows\ Data

And you will have an easier way to access the files.

PV (preetinder-v) said : #5

Thanks but could you suggest some 3rd party app for Windows to mount wubi disk file? Because I want to have a 2-way access. Quick reply appreciated!

I don't know of any, see if you can find one online....

PV (preetinder-v) said : #7

OK so at least inform why my Windows shares on Ubuntu are showing Ubuntu shares when I configured it through samba server. I think if that is solved, at least I can access Ubuntu shares through Windows by typing \\ubuntu\<name_of_Ubuntu_shares>. Also, problem is I cannot see Ubuntu on Windows Network although I followed all steps to edit smb.conf file as explained on Net. Hope anyone can answer this

The easiest way - in my opinion - to share files between Windows and Ubuntu on the same PC, is the following method:

Install Ubuntu and Windows in separate partitions (dual boot install).

Create a separate NTFS formatted partition that will contain files shared by Windows and Ubuntu.

Both Ubuntu and Windows will be able to read and write to that separate NTFS partition.

This is how I share files, so I know it works.

So no need for Samba or Filezilla.

If the system is a dual boot, then the Ubuntu OS isn't running to access the shares....

PV (preetinder-v) said : #10

Thanks everyone. Problem solved as I can access Win 7 folders by nautilus /host in Ubuntu and can copy-paste cross OS whatever I like as both OS are in same partition.

Thank you very much