Can I make Rygel media server active when I log off?

Asked by Wayne Labs

I set up Ubuntu 18.04 on a new machine primarily as a Samba File Server to the PCs on my network--and everything works great! After trying several media servers, the one that works the best for me with my tablets and Sony Blu-Ray players is Rygel. It's perfect while I'm logged on, but when I log off, the Rygel DLNA server is shut down--though, of course, Samba keeps on working.

What do I need to do to keep Rygel working while I'm logged off (assume my user account is "Wayne")? Rygel works perfectly with a separate EXT4 hard drive, which contains all my media files. In most cases, the server will operate without the monitor being turned on or with anyone directly logged onto the machine.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Have you read:

This should make it run as a service. Are you making the wayne user start the application? If so then the parent PID is the wayne login session so when that dies the child processes die too

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Wayne Labs (wgl-027) said :

OK, between these links and this link (, I found a solution that seems to work perfectly.

It would be nice if there were an option somewhere in the Gnome GUI (problem system settings-sharing) that would let you choose the option to run Rygel startup automatically (with Rygel as the user) with no one signed into the box. I tend to think that this may be the preferred setup for anyone that is running an Ubuntu Server.

Call me lazy. Yes, I'm running the light install option of Ubuntu 18.04 as a server, because, while I don't mind typing in some command line options, coming from a Windows Server environment, I think some things should be a little more obvious and not so arcane. I've been using Linux for about 15 years, so I have a fairly basic understanding of where things are and how they work. But, I left the DOS world a long time ago.

Am I happy. Yes. I'm running three 4 Terabyte drives where the second will do a daily backup of the first, and the media drive (the third) will be backed up on a standalone external drive.

Thanks very much for your help. It is appreciated. BTW: I was amazed to see Ubuntu 18.04 available on the Microsoft Store website. Guess that tells you something!