Rhythmbox play order?

Asked by earobinson on 2006-11-14

I used gconf-editor and browsed to /apps/rhythmbox/state/play_order and I am given the following description:

> Value identifies the order songs are played in. Legal values are: "linear",
> "shuffle", "random-equal-weights", "random-by-age", "random-by-rating".
> Now What I want to know is how do each of these options work, and what is the
> weighting and can I change it.

The setting I have is random-by-age-and-rating and I cant even find it in the decryption. What I want to know Is what is the difference between no stars and 3 stars (I would assume they are the same) eg unrated = 3 stars.

Also whats the difference in a new 3 star file vs a 3 month old 3 star file.


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earobinson (earobinson) said : #1

oops decryption=description

Jeff Greene (jeffgreene) said : #2

Here are the definitions of all the options:
linear-loop - ordered playlist and loops back to the beginning
linear - ordered playlist, but stops when finished
random-by-age-and-rating - random playlist, preferring songs that haven't
random-by-age - random playlist, preferring songs that haven't been played in a while
random-by-rating - random playlist, preferring higher rated songs and songs that haven't been played in a while
random-equal-weights - random-ordered playlist where all songs are played in equal amounts
shuffle - completely random

I researched it, but I am not 100% positive. If this helps, however, please mark this ticket as "Answered."

earobinson (earobinson) said : #3

What Im really looking for is a probabilistic breakdown of each setting.
If I have random-by-age-and-rating whats the probability that a song with 3 stars thats 3 months old vs 3 stars thats new getting played?
And what is the probability of 1 star vs 5 stars?

And most importantly how do no stars work? Is having no stars the same as 3 stars (average), or 1 star?

mirak (mirak-mirak) said : #4

I would like to have the lastfm feature that is in Listen

It plays random tunes from artists similars to the last one.
It gathering artists similiarities from lastfm but play only tunes you already have on your hard drive.

At first I though that it was what was doing the create radio from lastfm option in rhythmbox, but I soon realised I didn't had the played tunes ^^

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) said : #5

> And most importantly how do no stars work? Is having no stars the same as 3 stars (average), or 1 star?

Based on this code snippet from rb-play-order-random-by-rating.c:
        rating = rhythmdb_entry_get_double (entry, RHYTHMDB_PROP_RATING);
        if (rating < 0.01)
                rating = 2.5;

I looks like no rating is treated as 2.5

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