how to play music?

Asked by kaydruw on 2008-01-22

i am a completely new user to this ubuntu thing! i have installed the 7 version
i dont know how to play my mp3 files stored on my pc.
can anybody help me?
HOPEFULLY someone can help me.....

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Marco Rodrigues (gothicx) said : #1

Try to do $ lsb_release -r at console (terminal) and post the output here.

The current stable version of Ubuntu is 7.10, if you have a lower one, you should upgrade.

kaydruw (kaidrew) said : #2

sorry Marco but that does not make any sense to me... newbee here.. ummm i do know how to open my terminal.. but im not exactly sure what to put in it... i tried to copy this in : $ lsb_release -r - but it came back as an error or something and i tried to copy this in: $ lsb_release -r at console but that came back as error as well.. then i copied $ lsb_release -r at console (terminal) in and i got : bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

"i do know how to open my terminal"
→ Applicatios → Accesories → Terminal and the command use without $ - so only "lsb_release -r" (without quotation marks).

kaydruw (kaidrew) said : #4

thank you so much Vojtěch Trefný for simplifying that for me...

 ok i typed that in and it just says release 6.06 is that a good thing??

Marco Rodrigues (gothicx) said : #5

I think you should upgrade to a more recent version.. like Gutsy Gibbon.


If you don't have files to backup, it's more easy, you need just to install it from LiveCD.

kaydruw (kaidrew) said : #6

i do not know or understand how to download files either.. do i just click on it and it will do the rest sorta like a windows file... which basicly runs itself or will i have to enter more codes?? and will this hopefully fix my music thing??

kaydruw (kaidrew) said : #7

ok the ubuntu 7.10 just finished downloading onto my computer except now i do not know how to instal it from here.. i have an archive manager pop up when i click open.. shoiuld i click the extract button or am i looking for sumthin specifically to install?>??

If you want to install it, you have to burn the ISO file on CD, boot it and install...

kaydruw (kaidrew) said : #9

now once i do this will it writ eover all of my information?? will i lose everything?? if so is there any way i can save all of my information instead of losing it??

Helton Dória (helton-doria) said : #10


Yes, the possibility of lost your information exist and is great. All operating system installation is a risk operation. Can you ask for a more experienced friend to do this for you? If not, I strongly recomend that you make a backup (a simple copy is enough) of your information in a external media before proceed the installation.

If you are unsure about this, try frist to only reinstall the rhythmbox application. To do so, open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get remove rhythmbox". After that you can reinstall it typing "sudo apt-get install rhythmbox". If the removal of rhythmbox remove the package ubuntu-desktop, you can reinstall it typing "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" in a terminal window.



kaydruw (kaidrew) said : #11

sorry hun it did not work :( maybe this problem can be solved or even worse.. maybe i have a virus... :(.. i dunno

Helton Dória (helton-doria) said : #12


Did you tried to install another player, like banshee? If not, open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install banshee". Banshee is a player similar to the rhythmbox, if it works maybe you don't need to do an upgrade after all.



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