Quit Rhythmbox from Natty Launcher does not quit

Asked by Nils Geylen on 2011-04-15

Summary: When right-clicking the Rhythmbox icon in Natty Launcher Beta 2 and selecting 'Quit' the app does not quit, but closes.

I've not posted this as a bug because -- in part -- this seems to reflect the expected behavior of clicking the close button (X). See bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+bug/694860

However, in Launcher, this seems counter-intuitive.

If I'm correct the logic is as follows:

Clicking the Close button (X) does not quit, but closes the app. Makes perfect sense.
Right-clicking the icon of a running app in Launcher and selecting 'Quit' equals Ctrl+Q and quits the app. Every bit as sensible.

With Rhythmbox however, that last action closes the app instead of quitting it.

Bug, feature or a bit of a mish-mash between the two?

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Best Sam_ (and-sam) said : #1

The mentioned bug reports are about Lucid, Maverick.
Regarding Natty Unity Launcher consider to report a bug.


- Quote -
And you might, or might not, want to keep playing music even when the music player isn’t open. In these applications there is at least a useful distinction between “Close” and “Quit”. Unfortunately, the result is that “Quit” is being used to mean several quite different and non-obvious things: “don’t check for messages any more”, “go offline”, “stop music playback”, and so on. A single term probably isn’t a good presentation for all these things.

In summary, then, “Quit” is more confusing than useful. For many applications, it can be either removed altogether, or changed to the more straightforward “Close” if that item isn’t present already. But for applications that run configurable things in the background, the design is a little more complex.

.... players like Rhythmbox and Banshee, though, what should happen when you close their window has long been a source of debate. With Ubuntu’s sound menu, we have a chance to resolve it clearly.

Always be closing

Phone and tablet operating systems, such as Android and iOS, have abolished the ideas of “quitting” or even “closing” applications altogether. In Ubuntu, running on screens large enough (and with pointing devices precise enough) for multiple windows, “Close” remains a very useful idea. But with a little effort, we can reduce frustration and simplify Ubuntu overall, by making “Quit” something that humans no longer have to think about. Let’s stop being quitters, and start being closers.
- End -


Wiki SoundMenu says:
Rhythmbox should be altered to comply with the standard behavior: it should keep playing if closed while playing, it should exit if closed while not playing, and it should restore location and other state on relaunching.

Nils Geylen (nilsgeylen) said : #2

Well, seeing there has been much talk about this (more even than I had imagined) I'm not sure this is a bug per se -- or at least not a critical one.

Will wait until after the release and things quiet down.

Eventually though, I suppose this needs to be addressed. While the logic behind this makes sense, it's weird having to activate/maximize the player window so I can go to Menu > Quit.

Thanks for the advice and the background.

Nils Geylen (nilsgeylen) said : #3

Thanks Sam_, that solved my question.