Boot to server, not desktop in 8.10 & 9.04

Asked by JoeyG on 2009-06-13

I am setting up a computer lab in a classroom and the terminals will be running either Ubuntu 8.10 or 9.04 and would like them to boot directly to the server, which will be running Windows Server 2003, and also lock down access to the desktop of the terminals so that access is to server only!!

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Can you please clarify "Boot to the server". Do you mean like a terminal server session using RDP?


JoeyG (jgaldo1) said : #2

I'm a newbee at this so bear with me!! When I turn on all the machines for class I want the terminals to directly connect with the server and I don't want the students to have access to the terminals, only the server. Please clarify RDP also, thanks, Joe.

rdp == remote desktop protocol. When you use it it gives you a session on the desktop of whatever you connect to.

See how there is a desktop within a desktop, the smaller screen is a remote server being accessed.

What is the purpose of the server? What are they connecting for, emails? I'm guessing you want the client systems to act like thin clients and connect via some terminal service to a server and sessions are managed therin.

Can you please clarify this, and please avoid using the term "connect to the server" without immediately qualifying it with what they are connecting for. It makes things a tonne clearer

JoeyG (jgaldo1) said : #4

The server will contain lessons, tests, & access to resource material. It will ba a LAN, not a WAN. Research on the Internet will be done on their own time at home or where ever! Also, file folders for the students will be on the server! I will post the lessons and tests on the server. When I turn on all the machines in the classroom I don't want to connect each terminal manually, I want to turn them on and connect to the server automaticly. When the students are sitting at the terminals I don't want then to be able to switch over to the desktop of the teminals and use them for personal use, I want the sessions to stay on the server!!

you can automount the file share using /etc/fstab and the files will all be accessible using the file browser of your choosing.

If you mean using remote desktop then you will need to install rdesktop

sudo apt-get install rdesktop

If you watch this video from 3:00, Is this what youu mean?

If it is, then rdesktop will give you this and you can simply add the program to the startup items in ubuntu (including username and password if you desire).

I'm just trying to clarify what is being requested then we can get this nailed :D

JoeyG (jgaldo1) said : #6

I am going to look into your advice! It seems that you understand what I'm trying to do!! The students will always be using a remote desktop from the server! Not only do I want the RDP at startup but that is the only access I want the students to have while they are on the terminal.

JoeyG (jgaldo1) said : #7

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.