How to virtualize on machines with no VT/SVM CPU in Karmic?

Asked by Brezhonneg on 2009-10-15


I see that KVM and Qemu have been merged in Karmic. It is not clear to me what package I should install to virtualize on a small server that has no hardware support for virtualization. I guess I would have used qemu/kqemu before. Would the qemu-kvm package work on non VT-SVM CPUs?


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Delan Azabani (azabani) said : #1

I know that VirtualBox (both the PUEL and OSE versions) can virtualize operating systems without VT support.

Brezhonneg (fricompte) said : #2

Yes, I guess I will resort to using Virtualbox if there is no way to use qemu anymore.

I would prefer to use qemu/kqemu though, if possible at all...

I guess another option would be to install qemu from the jaunty repository. I was hoping there would be a more straight forward solution though...

Brezhonneg (fricompte) said : #3

Well, to answer my own question, the qemu-kvm package does support non-VT hardware. Here is what it said when I tried to start qemu:

Could not initialize KVM, will disable KVM support

and then it went on.


Hello Brezhonneg ,

I'd suggest you OpenVZ if you need a fast , easy and low-resource needing virtualization system . You can learn more about it on .


Brezhonneg (fricompte) said : #5

That is a really good suggestion! I had never heard of OpenVZ and it seemed like just what I was looking for at first glance. Then I realized it would not work on Karmic. Unless I am wrong, it only works on Hardy OOTB...