Looking for a programming lang/interface to begin learning for fun!

Asked by Sid Saxon on 2010-11-18

Hey , I´m looking for a beginners Unix/Linux programming language that I can use as a learning project. I have had very little programming experience except Turbo Pascal in DOS back in the early 90´s. I dabbled in Basic a little and MS C# a little bit. Object oriented programming was a little difficult for me. I would probably be happy with a scripting lang for Ubuntu 10.10 if it were powerful enough. Maybe even just macro type scripts or something. Iḿ really just interested in system automation and or customization of Ubuntu 10.10. Iḿ really excited about the fact that Linux has come such a long ways since I first encountered it. I have purchased a Dell mini with Ubuntu 9.04 and my wife used it for a while with no problem and she is computer Iliterate (somewhat), anyway Iḿ wanting to go full steam Ubuntu or some version of Linux. Full steam, I mean loose XP all together at least on one of my machines. I have a need Photoshop CS5 EXT and that´s just about it. I tried GIMP and I´m running it on my system, I just have a pretty good learning curve from one to the other and don´t have time for that.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Just point me in some directions and I´m off!

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mycae (mycae) said : #1

You may want to learn to use Python:

it is an interpreted language, so you can even use it interactively. It is object oriented, but it is designed to be easy to use, and has a wide variety of different modules that can be used.


There is a list of available Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for python here:

Sid Saxon (ssups) said : #3

to mycae,
Thanks for the come back, the informational links you left have been a fountain of help. I´m still having trouble finding the best IDE for me as a beginner. I´m looking at either Bluefish(that I already have) or Komodo, emacs or just using vi. It would be easier if there were 2 instead of 25. I´ll get back to you.

Thanks Again for the help,

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Sid Saxon (ssups) said : #4

WOW, Thanks a lot Sam,
Iḿ still checking it all out. Lot of reading and considering, but I´m not in a hurry.
I love research anyway. Let´s get at it!

Thanks Again,


I´ll mark problem solved accordingly shortly, Thanks Guys and Gals!

mycae (mycae) said : #5

Personally, I use vi/vim. Its a learning experience to start, but I find it has several features that are just irreplaceable -- though exactly which features are irreplaceable seems to differ from person to person.

Sid Saxon (ssups) said : #6

Thanks Sam, that solved my question.

Sid Saxon (ssups) said : #7

Thanks to mycae and Sam for the great help you provided.
I will probably use vi when I get a little better with this but for now I am so used to the GUI interface that I decided to install SPE and Quickly and that should keep me very happy and busy for a while.

Thanks Guys and Gals,
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