PulseAudio not honoring the "avoid-resampling" option

Asked by Mark on 2018-08-25

So PulseAudio on Ubuntu 18.04 apparently does not honor the "avoid-resampling = yes" configuration option. That is the option to allow native sample rate playback with PulseAudio. When I set the option to either "yes" or "true" in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf, restart PulseAudio and check to see the active configuration (using --dump-conf), I get "avoid-resampling = no" every time.

I tried disabling PulseAudio daemonize mode and manually starting it from terminal, I tried setting the option globally and in ~/.config/pulse, I tried restarting the system after setting the option. No difference.

I believe this is a bug, as the option should definitely work, as it is available since PulseAudio 11. I'm running version 11.1.

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