How to access postgresql servers > 9.5?

Asked by Marc F. Neininger

i'm using 16.04 xenial as host for applications. Our DB-server was updated from 9.4 to 9.6 recently and I'm using pg_dump from time to time to clone databases. But I'm no more able to do that :-(

Right now postgresql-client-common can connect to pg up to version 9.5 . I tried to install postgresql-client-9.6 manually but I failed because postgresql-client-9.6 depends on a newer version of libpg5. As a workaround I tried to manually install the latest version of libpg5 (9.6.7) but another depenency (libgss...?) failed.
Can you please have a look or even ask upstream about the possibility to provide postgresql-client for all current server versions (9.6,and 10.2??)

Nevertheless thank you all for providing the software. It works like a charm


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

You may find a PPA with the version you desire. Remember to filter the PPA for Xenial so you know it has the application for your release.

You could report a bug. If the bug and security fixes are significant then the package may be updated in the official repositories sooner rather than later.

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Marc F. Neininger (champagnierle) said :

Hi Andrew,
thanks for your answer. I'm using postgresql in a commercial environment. My server is even behind a firewall in a DMZ with no access than to our own ubuntu-mirror.
For personal use I would also install from different sources, but in the professional environment I'm obliged to minimize risks and therefore it is strictly forbidden to install untrusted software. We are handling a mass of personal data that has to be stored in a secure way. And - sorry for my doubts - a chain is always as strong as its weakest chain link. Therefore I don't want to, and it is even forbidden, to weaken the system.

Is there any chance that some of the untrusted software might find its way into the official release? I think that the LTS system should provide actual client software for state of the art, not even bleeding edge, server software...

Best regards and thanks for your answer


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

No untrusted software is in the official repositories. They are all built by Canonical by the Ubuntu packaging team.

The only way I can suggest that the package is updated is via a bug report

Bionic (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) may have a newer version but is not due for release until April 2018

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Marc F. Neininger (champagnierle) said :

Hi Andrew,

I tried to file a bug against postgresql-client-common but I didn't succeed :-/
The webinterface tells me that "no similar bug reports were found".

Artful aardvark provides pg 9.6... and postgresql-client-9.6 . But the dependencies are rather challenging. As mentioned above I tried to update via .deb-file but for the 9.6 client package some libs also need to be updated inside 16.04 .

@all: can anybody please transform my question into a bug?
That would be great

Thanks in advance


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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

Try the "Create bug report" link in your question document (just above the "Message:" box).

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Marc F. Neininger (champagnierle) said :

Hi Andrew and Manfred,

thanks for the help. I created the bug report now. From time to time it might be good to read the whole web form.


P.S.: I hope it will work.